blueberry banana bread

blueberry banana bread

blueberry banana bread

Lately Miss G. has become more and more inquisitive in the kitchen.

Each time I pull out the mixing bowl she quickly scampers into the kitchen and uses the cupboard handles to pull herself up in order to peer up and take a peak at what’s happening on the kitchen bench.

Her excitement melts my heart.

With a gorgeous little helper by my side cooking seems fresh and new again.  I love showing her how to bake a cake, prepare a sandwich or cook a little pasta.  Watching her face light up with excited amazement as we stir together something delicious to eat is pure joy.

Today my lovely little helper assisted me to prepare a loaf of banana blueberry bread.

But I do have to admit most of her ‘assisting’ consisted of eating the majority of the blueberries, she loves them.  The few blueberries that were lucky enough to make it into the bowl bled beautifully turning the batter a gorgeous shade of rippled blue and Miss G. giggled as she watched the batter change shades.

In lieu of the missing blueberries I decided to add a little mashed banana to the batter as well.  The results were delicious.

For morning tea Miss G. and I sat on our regular balcony spot and enjoyed a couple of slithers of the blueberry banana bread.

Miss G.

To create your own loaf of blueberry banana bread simply…

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greek inspired lamb meatballs

greek inspired lamb meatballs

greek inspired lamb meatballs

Lately Miss G. absolutely adores anything in the form of a patty.

So far I’ve conjured up hot chicken cakes, sweet potato & chickpea patties, zucchini fritters and strawberry pikelets.

And today keeping with the patty theme I decided to whip up a batch of greek inspired lamb meatballs.

These lovely little lamb meatballs are chock full of fresh mint, basil, lemon and creamy feta and are delicious.  And just like our sweet potato patties, these little babies too use couscous rather than breadcrumbs which creates a beautifully light and fluffy texture.

To serve alongside the golden, crispy fried lamb meatballs  I put together a super simple salad of halved cherry tomatoes, ribbons of zucchini and fresh mint leaves as well as a good dollop of thick creamy greek yoghurt.

Miss G. was so pleased to see the greek inspired lamb meatballs nestled on her highchair and happily gobbled them up.

The patty love affair continues…

Miss G.

To create a lovely batch of greek inspired lamb meatballs simply…

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spaghetti w’ mint pesto

spaghetti w' mint pesto

spaghetti w' mint pesto

Usually I am more than happy to use shop bought pesto.

It’s wonderfully fragrant and delicious and has adorned many of Miss G’s. suppers since we began our baby led weaning journey.

But with a couple of fresh bunches of mint perched on the kitchen bench this morning I decided to whip up a batch of the homemade variety instead.

And with the use of a food processor it couldn’t be more simpler.

Just pop all of the ingredients in the processor, blitz, pour over cooked spaghetti and dinner is done.

Miss G. gobbled up her spaghetti smothered in minty pesto for lunch today and as you can imagine by the end of lunch she was also smothered head to toe in the gorgeously fresh and fragrant mint pesto.

Miss G.

To create your own mint pesto spaghetti simply…

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sweet potato & chickpea patties

sweet potato & chickpea patties

sweet potato & chickpea patties

I love vegetable patties but find some recipes to be a little lacklustre in flavour.

So when I discovered this recipe chockfull of sweet potato, garam masala, fresh mint, garlic and spring onions I knew I’d found a winner.

As soon as these little babies were crispy and golden fried to perfection Miss G. and I immediately tucked in and I have to say the sweet potato is simply genius as it balances the savoury earthiness of the chick peas perfectly.

The sweet potato and chickpea patties are also remarkably light thanks to the couscous and are fresh and zesty thanks to the handfuls of fresh mint, spring onion and a little garlic.

Alongside the delicious patties I served a wonderfully simple yoghurt dipping sauce mixed together with a handful of fresh mint and squeeze of lemon juice.

These little golden vegetable patties are morish, simple to prepare and the perfect shape for bubby’s to pick up and nibble on.

To create your own batch of delicious sweet potato & chickpea patties simply…

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strawberry & orange buttermilk pikelets

strawberry & orange buttermilk pikeletsstrawberry & orange buttermilk pikelets

Over the weekend I gave Miss G. a piece of toast spread with a little strawberry jam.

Big. Sticky. Mistake.

Sticky sweet strawberry Jam was absolutely everywhere.

Miss G. was covered head to toe as was the floor, sofa, cupboards and everything else little Miss managed to lay her sticky little hands on.

I should have known better.

So today making a batch of pikelets I knew there was no way the jam jar was seeing the light of day.

Instead I opted to press sliced fresh strawberries straight into the pikelet batter as they cooked.


All of the fruity goodness with none of the sticky mess.

To create a batch of strawberry orange buttermilk pike lets simply…

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roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad

roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad

roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad

This weekend we’re heading down the coast for a day at the beach.




Ice blocks.



All the makings of a perfect weekend.

To have with us on our travels I decided to put together this little roast pumpkin and feta couscous salad.

So simple to make and chock full of fresh herbs this delicious couscous salad is the perfect lunch for a day at the beach.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

To create your own roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad simply…

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lime, coconut & white chocolate muffins

lime, coconut & white chocolate muffins

lime, coconut & white chocolate muffins

Being a mum can be hard.

After a few nights of restless sleep, days filled with chasing a crawling bubby can be tiresome.

Most mornings we both look forward for our chance to get out of the house and head to the park to soak in a little goodness by the way of sunshine and the crisp morning air.

Walking through the tree lined park G. loves to stare at the passers by, children playing, birds and the dogs running through the grass.  And I relish the chance to just be, taking in the blissful moments of quite stillness.

Whilst cuddled snuggly in her pram it doesn’t take long for Miss G. to fall asleep for her morning nap and I take this opportunity to enjoy a much needed mummy moment and grab a coffee from our local cafe.

Yesterday, feeling the effects of another restless night and needing a little extra sustenance I decided on a muffin also.

Chock full of lime, coconut and white chocolate it was delicious.

The gorgeous tropical combination has been on my mind ever since so today I decided to whip up a batch of lime, coconut and white chocolate muffins.

To create a heavenly batch of lime, coconut and white chocolate muffins simply…

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