ham & vegetable slice

ham & vegetable sliceham & vegetable slice

This week is Miss G’s 1st birthday!

And we are celebrating!

We have balloons, streamers, gifts, games, cup cakes, play dates and lots more planned for our little girls very special day.

But before the onslaught of sugar laden cup cakes, goodies and birthday cake begins I thought we’d better get in a little nutritional goodness by way of a ham and vegetable slice.

This slice is well and truly jam packed with gorgeous vegetables.  We managed to get in two carrots, a couple of zucchinis a quarter of a cabbage as well as a  capsicum.  So happy.

The deliciousness of this ham and vegetable slice comes from the egg mix that binds together the baked vegetables and specs of ham as well as the cheddar cheese that melts gorgeously throughout the slice to create the most amazing golden crust.

Miss G. enjoyed a gorgeous helping of the ham and vegetable slice for lunch along with a simple salad of tomatoes and basil.

And now that little miss is chock full of vegetables let the birthday celebrations begin!

To create your own gorgeously golden ham & vegetable slice simply…

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blueberry breakfast muffins

blueberry breakfast muffins

blueberry breakfast muffins

Not a big fan of toast I have been experimenting with new recipes for Miss G’s breakfast.

And these beautiful blueberry and muesli studded breakfast muffins are my latest creation.

It’s no secret I am a big fan of muffins.

Who isn’t?

They are simple to prepare.

Cook quickly.

Make a great on-the-go snack.

Freeze fabulously.

And are wonderful way to get extra fruit and vegetables into the little ones.

I adore them and luckily Miss G. does too.

This morning I stirred together my usual yoghurt muffin batter however replaced the sugar with maple syrup, added a little cinnamon, a generous helping of beautiful bright blueberries along with a big handful of our favourite muesli.

The results were delicious.

The baked blueberries burst creating pools of jammy fruity goodness strewn throughout the muffins and the muesli created a gorgeous golden crust.

Breakfast perfection.

To create your own batch of these beautiful little blueberry breakfast muffins simply…

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simple mushroom penne

simple mushroom penne

simple mushroom penne

Since beginning our baby led weaning journey I really haven’t had too much trouble getting Miss G. to eat her fruit and vegetables (tantrums, teething and moodiness aside of course).

Most days she happily tucks into whatever is popped onto her highchair tray and at the moment she’s going through a serious banana and mandarin phase.   The moment she spots me peeling her favourite fruits for her she starts to giggle and kick with excitement.  It’s really gorgeous to see her enjoy her favourites but I am mindful to keep including new foods so that we don’t fall into a food rut.

So today I decided to stir together a simple mushroom penne dish for Miss G’s. lunch to see how she enjoyed mushrooms.

This pasta sauce couldn’t be easier to prepare.  Simply fry a few mushrooms and garlic in a little olive oil, add chopped tomatoes, passata, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, a good pinch of sugar, basil leaves and simmer for 5 minutes.  With a little extra grated parmesan this pasta dish makes a gorgeous lunch or supper.

Miss G.

Miss G. loved the mushrooms smothered in the tomato sauce and devoured the pasta just like I knew she would.

To create this super simple pasta supper simply…

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italian tomato & bread salad

italian tomato & bread salad

italian tomato & bread salad

This italian tomato and bread salad is perfect for the little ones.

The tomatoes are the perfect shape for teeny tiny hands to pick up and easily nibble on and the bread is wonderfully softened thanks to the gorgeous mix of tomato juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Miss G. adored this salad for lunch and happily gobbled up the gorgeous mix of tomatoes, bread and basil leaves.

And with just a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar this salad is great for the big kids too!

To create this beautiful italian tomato and bread salad simply…

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oat choc chip cookies

oat chocolate chip cookies

oat chocolate chip cookies

How do you know your baby is finished eating?

This can be one of the trickiest parts of baby led weaning and a question I get asked a lot.

Each baby has their own unique way of letting mummy and daddy know she’s done but I thought I’d share the cues Miss G. gives me in the hope they’ll help you better understand your little ones signals.

Usually I know Miss G. is finished eating when she:

  • begins to look bored
  • stops ferrying food to mouth and instead plays with her food
  • starts to squish food and mash it into her high chair tray
  • looks me directly in the eye, throws food & then giggles (my personal favourite)
  • places food into her nappy
  • generally pushes food away from her
  • uses her arms to sweep food across her high chair tray
  • attempts to climb out of her high chair
  • interested in absolutely everything other than what’s on her high chair tray
  • and when offered a little more food simply shakes her head

Learning your little ones cues can be difficult but over time it does get easier.  If you’re still unsure as to whether your little one is finished I’ve found the best thing to do is offer a little more food, usually a new flavour and see how they respond.

Now onto today’s cookies.

Still obsessed with last weeks easy peasy banana oat cookies today I decided to whip up a batch of oat chocolate chip cookies.

These little beauties are chock full of oats, coconut, dark chocolate chips and are flavoured with a little maple syrup and vanilla.

And this cookie dough couldn’t be simpler to prepare, just pop all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix with your hands, squishing and squeezing to create a soft sticky texture.  Once the dough has rested for 5 minutes or so (just until the oats a lovely and soft), add the dark chocolate chips, shape into rounds and pop into the oven to bake until golden and delicious.

To  create your own batch of oat chocolate chip cookies simply…

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baby friendly maple french toast

baby friendly french toast

baby friendly french toast

Most mornings breakfast is a pretty simple affair.

A little avocado on toast, fresh strawberries and half a banana is our usual fare.

However most mornings I wonder why I bother with the toast.

Rather than eating the bread and avocado together old school style Miss G.’s unique approach is to lick the toast clean of avocado leaving most of the golden bread behind.

A little worried about her clear lack of carb loading I have experimented with each and every type of loaf under the sun.

Wholemeal, multigrain, soy and linseed, farmers loaves, sourdough, pita bread, toasted turkish, english muffins, you name it I’ve tried it but still no luck.

It seems Miss G. just isn’t digging toast (or bread of any kind) which leaves me short on quick and easy baby led weaning breakfast options.  Something this sleep deprived mama most definitely doesn’t need first thing in the morning.

Todays breakfast of baby friendly french toast is my last ditch attempt to see if Miss G. will enjoy toast for breakfast.  I figure the golden eggy softer texture and lashings of  maple syrup might just sway her.

Miss G.

And it did.

She loved the french toast.

The softer texture was definitely more up her alley and I was so pleased to see her gobble up an entire piece of maple soaked toast along with a handful of fresh berries and dollop of yoghurt.

From now on I’ll be whipping up a batch on the weekend when I have a little more time on my hands and freezing the leftovers to enjoy when the midweek madness hits.

To create your own gorgeously golden eggy toast smothered in maple syrup and fresh berries simply…

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gorgeously green quinoa salad w’ zesty pesto dressing

gorgeously green quinoa salad w' zesty pesto dressing

gorgeously green quinoa salad w' zesty pesto dressing

This salad is perfect for those bubby’s just beginning their baby led weaning journey.

The asparagus, broccolini and ribbons of zucchini are the perfect shape for those teeny tiny little hands to pick up with ease.

Their long ‘chip’ shape ensures there is ample vege to nibble on once gripped by little hands.

Miss G. loved this salad.  Initially I thought she might have had a little trouble picking up the quinoa but the sticky little grains conveniently gripped onto the pieces of vege and were eaten with no trouble.

I was so happy to join in with Miss G. for lunch.  This salad is delicious.  The warm quinoa soaks up the wonderfully fragrant dressing giving the entire salad a gorgeous zesty fresh flavour.  And the roasted almost charred vegetables are simply moreish.  With the rounds of avocado and crumbled feta this salad makes a very hearty and satisfying lunch.

To create your own gorgeously green quinoa salad w’ zesty pesto dressing simply…

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