spinach & ricotta pie

spinach & ricotta pie

spinach & ricotta pie

Spinach and ricotta pie is an all time family favourite of ours but I don’t make it often enough because I loath dealing with fiddly pastry.

With a walking one year old toddling around the house I simply do not have time for pastry making, blind baking or layering filo.

So when I stumbled across this super simple spinach and ricotta pie recipe thanks to Teresa Cutter, I couldn’t have been happier.

I love that The Healthy Chef has replaced fussy, hard to handle and stress inducing pastry with simple, gorgeous, healthy ribbons of lovely sweet potato.  Pure genius.

I also adore that the entire pie can be whipped up in less than ten minutes.  Simply pop all of the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until smooth and creamy.

Not only a joy to prepare, this pie is also completely delicious to eat.

The creamy mellow ricotta is studded with handfuls of baby spinach, zesty coins of spring onion, as well as an array of punchy fresh herbs; basil, sage and parsley.  The large pinch of nutmeg adds a beautiful warm depth to the pie and smells divine whilst baking away in the oven.

The texture of the baked pie is wonderful for the little ones, especially for baby led weaning beginners!  The pie is firm enough to be handled by little hands but soft enough to be nibbled on easily.  Miss G. loved it!  This recipe is also fantastic to pop into the lunch box!

With this recipe now in my arsenal I’ll be whipping up our family favourite all. the. time.

To create this gorgeous spinach & ricotta pie simply…

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wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast bread

wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast bread

wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast bread

This wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast bread saved my sanity this morning.

Thanks to eye teeth charging their way through her swollen, red and very sore gums Miss G. was once again refusing to eat.

She was one very cranky little girl.

And rightfully so.

Teething is just awful.

I keep asking myself why the poor little darlings have to endure all of this pain only to lose these teeth a few years down the track.

I hate seeing her in pain, my heart breaks.  Equally as awful is watching her refuse to eat.

This morning I tried absolutely everything but not a crumb passed her lips.

My last resort was to bake.

There is nothing quite like a loaf of gorgeousness nestled in the oven filling the house with the fragrance of cinnamon and baked apple to wet Miss G’s. appetite and interest.  Mine too.

But with an upset snuggly bubby nestled permanently on my hip my hands and time were very limited so I decided to pile all of the makings of a wholesome, fruit filled and sugar free breakfast bread into my food processor and blitz.

The results were sublime.

This bread is dense, moist, chock full of apple and echoes the wholesome gorgeousness of maple syrup and vanilla.

Along with a few slices of apple and a small handful of raspberries Miss G. devoured a still warm slice of the apple packed breakfast bread.

****insert happy face here****

To create this wonderfully wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast bread simply…

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chicken tacos w’ grilled corn & avocado salsa

chicken tacos w' grilled corn & avocado salsa

chicken tacos w' grilled corn & avocado salsa

Miss G. is officially walking!


Watching her take those first wobbly steps, smile beaming, eyes lit up with a mixture of amazement and excitement was just beautiful.

R. and I cheered her on whilst her beautiful tubby little legs carried her across the living room floor all the time knowing it was one of those magical family moments we’ll treasure forever.

To celebrate her big girl moment I decided to put together one of our favourite family meals, chicken tacos.

Miss G. loves mexican food, especially salsa so I knew this was the perfect simple supper to celebrate with.

Todays taco incarnation consists of softly toasted tortillas topped with lightly spiced chicken and a gorgeous salsa.

The chicken nestled in these tacos is perfect for the little ones because I ditched the usual hot and spicy flavours usually associated with mexican food and instead opted for a more mellow spice mix of a little cumin, sweet paprika and lemon zest.  The coating is just enough to give the chicken a sweet subtle flavour without any of the heat, Miss G. loved it!  Also, rather than chopping the chicken, I decided to roast the breasts whole then use a couple of forks to shred them creating the perfect shape for little hands to hold and nibble on with ease.

Whilst the chicken was baking I decided to grill a little corn to add to the salsa and am so happy I did.  The sweet kernels of just charred corn added a beautiful brightness to our usual salsa of avocado, cherry tomatoes, coriander and lime and had us coming back for more.  And more.  And more.  It’s seriously moreish.

These tacos are a joy to prepare and a complete pleasure to eat.  A beautiful way to celebrate.

To create these gorgeous chicken tacos with grilled corn and avocado salsa simply…

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sweet potato tuna patties

sweet potato tuna pattiessweet potato tuna patties

With Miss G. still insisting on eating each and every meal at her table and chairs my search for simple, easy to eat and most importantly not so messy food continues.Miss G.

My hunt this morning led me to these gorgeous sweet potato and tuna patties spiked with lemon, mint and spring onions.

Not only are these gorgeously golden crispy patties fuss free and easy to eat but they are delicious!

The addition of sweet potato is genius, it not only adds a beautiful sweet earthy flavour to the patties but creates a soft tender scrumptious texture that the little ones love and appreciate.

Grace stood by my side kicking her feet with excitement whilst the little patties were frying away and couldn’t hardly wait until they cooled down enough before she dove in.

To create this lovely batch of sweet potato tuna patties simply…

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coconut peach pancakes

coconut peach pancakes

coconut peach pancakes

Miss G. is sick.


Poor bubba.

It’s nothing serious, just a few sad sniffles but its been enough to take the wind out of her sails and well and truly dampen her appetite.

In the hope of cheering my lovely little lady up and get her eating once again I decided to stir together a little happiness by way of pancake batter this morning.sick bubba x

To our usual beloved pancake batter I opted this time to take our pancakes on a tropical holiday with the help of a little coconut and gorgeously ripe and juicy peaches.

This combination is divine.

The peaches nestled in each pancake caramelise wonderfully once they hit the hot fry pan, intensifying their sweetness and the coconut strewn throughout the tender, moist, sweet crumbs echoes all of the deliciousness of a coconut macaroon.

Miss G. ate a whole pancake for breakfast along with a little banana and sultanas.

Feeling much better already.

To create your own gorgeously golden coconut peach pancakes simply…

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vegemite & cheese wholemeal spaghetti

vegemite & cheese wholemeal spaghettivegemite & cheese wholemeal spaghetti

Miss G. is a huge fan of vegemite so when flicking through Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen cookbook I knew we had to conjure up this concoction of hers.

Vegemite and cheese wholemeal spaghetti.

Only requiring 4 ingredients and taking no more than 10 minutes to prepare this simple lunch or supper is superb.  Its savoury, wholesome and completely scrumptious.  If you’re a fan of vegemite you are going to love this spaghetti!

For the little ones not yet versed in the ‘art’ of eating spaghetti I would recommend using a short pasta like fusilli, rigatoni or penne.

And it goes without saying that yes, this little bowl of vegemite soaked spaghetti deliciousness is very messy but totally worth it.

To create this gorgeously savoury spaghetti simply…

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sweet potato fritters w’ avocado salsa

sweet potato fritters w' avocado salsa

sweet potato fritters w' avocado salsa

So…Miss G. has a new thing.

She will not, under any circumstance, at all, sit in her high chair.

Trying to pop her into the highchair is much like trying to put a sweater on an octopus.

She wiggles, giggles, screams, thrashes, kicks and throws her arms in a very successful attempt not to be put on her once adored throne.

I am hoping this is just a phase and she’ll rekindle her love affair with her high chair soon.  

Very soon.

But in the meantime I am just going with it.

So instead of setting her up in the high chair for mealtimes I’ve opted to put together a little picnic at her favourite table and chairs.

Cheeky monkey loves it.  

Miss G.

Standing at her big girl table she nibbles away happily knowing she can escape at any moment.  

And escape she does.

Whilst enjoying breakfast she took many quick trips around the lounge room collecting dolls and toys to join her.

Very cute.

But very very messy.

Following breakfast I spent a good ten minutes hoovering up Miss G’s. ‘Hanzel and Gretel’ style trail of crumbs.

So whilst this style of eating continues I figure I’d best cook the least messiest food possible and fritters, thankfully, are high on that list.

Since beginning our baby led weaning journey I have made so many versions (pea, sweetcorn, zucchini, carrot) of our much loved fritter.  Not only are these lovely little darlings a joy to prepare and absolutely delicious but they are so easy for the little ones to grab and nibble away on and that’s why we love them so much. 

Today’s version is a sweet potato fritter served alongside a gorgeously zesty mint spiked avocado salsa.

Miss G. loved the crispy golden fritters chockfull of sweet potato and mint for lunch and Dad is looking forward to having them for dinner alongside a little crispy bacon, poached egg and dollop of Hollandaise. 

To create these super simple sweet potato fritters simply…

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