wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies

wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookieswholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies

This morning we awoke to unseasonably cool, dark and drizzly weather.

With the sky blanketed in a thick layer of grey rain clouds there was little hope of our daily walk to the park.

Surrendering to this much welcomed change in weather, I decided we would spend the day cuddled up at home, playing, reading and baking these beautifully wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies.

wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies

This recipe came from the wonderful website of Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef.  Teresa has the most amazing knack for creating unbelievably delicious goodies out of pure, wholesome and totally good for you ingredients.  I have also made a batch of her gorgeous scones, you can find the recipe here.

These apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies are divine.

They’re sugar free, egg free, full of whole natural foods and are the perfect texture for little hands to pick up and nibble on with ease.  In terms of a baby led weaning snacks, these apple and cinnamon studded delights are pretty close to perfection.  Not only are they a fuss-free and non-messy snack (ideal for outings) they’re super simple to prepare and only require ten minutes of attention before being popped into the oven to bake to golden perfection.

The main alteration to Teresa’s recipe that I made was using the food processor to whip up the cookies rather than doing them by hand.  I find the processor binds the dough more thoroughly and makes the cookies easier to shape.  It’s also a huge time saver, ideal when you have an impatient 15 month old on your hands.

And these little darlings make the perfect addition to any lunch box.  I’ve stashed a few away in the deep freeze to add to Grace’s lunch box when we’re out and about over the next couple of weeks.

wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies

Although Miss G. waited quite patiently for the cookies to bake, as soon as the golden darlings emerged from the oven bringing with them the unmistakable fragrance of baked apple and cinnamon her patience all but vanished.

As I photographed the baked golden darlings she plucked a still warm cookie straight from the tray and nibbled away.

wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies

It wasn’t long until I did the same.

Fresh from the oven these cookies are perfection.  Golden and chewy with a soft, fluffy, sultana and dried apple studded centre they really are moorish.

To create this gorgeous batch of wholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookies simply…

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mango & banana frozen yoghurt

Mango & banana frozen yoghurtMango & banana frozen yoghurt

It’s hot.

Really hot.

It’s the kind of stinking, sticky, humid weather that leaves you no other choice but to abandon all plans and head straight to the beach.

So this morning with our towels, hats and plenty of sunscreen packed snugly in our beach bag we escaped the house and headed off to Southbank in the hope of a cool blissful swim.

Mango & banana frozen yoghurtMango & banana frozen yoghurt

Before leaving though I decided to chop up a little mango and banana to stash in the deep freeze whilst we’re away.

Along with a little yoghurt the food processor will blitz the frozen fruit to create a creamy, luscious, cooling frozen yoghurt.

The perfect summertime treat.

And the thought of sweet and creamy frozen yoghurt might just be enticing enough for us to leave the bliss of the cool water and return home.

Well, here’s hoping.

To create this sublime summer time mango & banana frozen yoghurt simply…

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wholesome ricotta hotcakes w’ summer berry sauce

wholesome ricotta hotcakes w' summer berry saucewholesome ricotta hotcakes w' summer berry sauce

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to escape the incessant heat and spend the day in the cool shade of our local animal sanctuary.


What a wonderful day.

Surrounded by spectacular Australian wildlife Grace was in paradise.


We spent the day strolling through the Australian bush discovering the most wonderful creatures.

Grace was mesmerised by the koalas napping peacefully in their gum trees and giggled uncontrollably as she fed the kangaroos.

We also stopped to watch a couple of platypus swim through their cosy wet homes and we were fascinated by the birds of prey show.

Such beautiful animals.

feeding the kangarooskangaroo

Miss G. even managed to get a close up of a feathery mummy emu.


Before we left for our action packed day I stirred together these easy peasy wholesome ricotta hotcakes and simply summer berry sauce.

I am a huge believer a big day out requires a big, hearty, wholesome breakfast and that’s exactly what these little golden ricotta studded hotcakes are.

They are the kind of breakfast that fills your tummy and keeps you going for most of the day and that they did.

For the few hours we were there we only stopped once for a light snack of fresh fruit and plenty of water.

To create these lovely little wholesome ricotta hotcakes and summer berry sauce simply…

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ricotta, herb & tomato pie

ricotta, herb & tomato piericotta, herb & tomato pie

Summer is here with full force.

Our first weeks of the new year have brought sweltering heat, long muggy days and overwhelming humidity.

For the scorching month of January our days are spent seeking respite.

So far Grace and I have found sweet salvation wading in the pool, skipping under the sprinkler, taking dips in the ocean and air conditioned outings to the state library and museum.

Although this summer heat is almost to the point of unbearable, I have to say the extended days that stretch early into the evening are simply sublime.

ricotta, herb & tomato pie

The extra hours of sunshine are a wonderful chance for a little more playtime and our routine of late has been to spend our extra precious moments of sunlight in the back garden.

Usually Grace runs through the grass as I collect the fresh herbs and salad leaves for supper but over the past couple of days she has been more and more interested in doing the picking herself.

Watching her pluck fresh basil leaves and breathe in their gorgeous aroma simply melts my heart and as we stir them through dinner I can see the cogs of thought turning in her little mind.

ricotta, herb & tomato pie

Todays harvest of fresh basil, mint and rocket made their way into this delightful ricotta, herb and tomato tart.

Once baked, this tart nestles serenely in the fridge just waiting for a simple salad to accompany it in the perfect simple summer supper.

And this little darling only requires moments of effort before being popped into an oven.  But I can hardly call it an effort, simply pop all of the ingredients into a food processor, blitz, decant into an oven tray, top with slices of fresh tomato and bake.  Easy peasy.

In terms of baby led weaning, this pie is fantastic.  Not only is this delicious little number simple for mum/dad to prepare, but it’s the perfect texture for little hands to pick up and eat with ease. Firm enough for little hands to grip yet soft enough to nibble on, the texture of this pie really is baby led weaning perfection.  Its also not too messy which makes it great for lunch on the run.  In fact, Grace and I popped a couple of slices into a lunch box to take along with us for a mummy and me morning at the state library.

To create this easy peasy ricotta, herb and tomato pie simply…

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fig & coconut muffins

fig & coconut muffins

fig & coconut muffins

We’re back after a heavenly family break and it feels wonderful to be back in the kitchen.

Over the holidays we found time to relax, visit the beach, play at the park, visit the museum and art gallery, nibble away on picnics that stretched long into the afternoon and soak in plenty of the gorgeous summertime sun.

We also managed to squeeze in a little fruit picking.


Perched by the trunk of a very old and unbelievably beautiful fig tree Miss G. was mezmerised and amazed as she watched Daddy climb branches in order to pluck the precious, just ripe delicacies from their home.

Grace adores figs so she could barely contain her excitement as Dad climbed down the tree carrying a basket full of fresh, fragrant and perfectly ripe figs.

miss g

Thanks to Daddy’s efforts Grace made herself comfortable, nestled into the grass and nibbled away on the lusciously sweet and delicate summertime fruit for the rest of the afternoon.

miss g

However, despite her (and daddy’s) very best efforts we did manage to return home with a week or two supply of glorious figs.

With the figs nestled in the refrigerator they inspired endless nibbles.

We whipped up fig smoothies for breakfast, wrapped them in prosciutto and enjoyed alongside our usual antipasto treats, we also put together the most gorgeous rocket salad spiked with fresh figs, ribbons of parmesan, roasted flaked almonds and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for supper one evening.  

The fig supply seemed to be never ending.

As the days passed and knowing how delicate these little babies are I was keen to get cooking to use up the last of our harvest.  After a little thought and craving something sweet I came up with these super simple, yet unbelievably delicious fig and coconut muffins.

The combination is gorgeous.  The plump pieces of sweet fig strewn throughout the batter work perfectly with the scent and flavour of coconut and teeny tiny hint of cinnamon.  And each fig gently pressed into the top of the muffins caramelise beautifully in the oven, intensifying their sweetness and flavour gorgeously.

Retrieving these glorious celebrations of fig from the oven I was so pleased not one fig went to waste.

miss g

To create this lovely little batch of fig and coconut spiked wholesome muffins simply…

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