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Welcome to my lovely little lunch box, a mother’s guide to baby led weaning.

My name is Kayla and I am a mother, wife and food blogger living in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.My life’s passions are cooking, baking, photography, writing, food and family and I love to share recipes and stories that inspire and excite me and my family’s taste buds.  As a mother of a beautiful baby girl I have a huge passion for creating healthy and nutritious food for children and here you will find a delicious collection of baby led weaning recipes that I nourish my gorgeous growing daughter with.

The my lovely little lunch box journey began when at six months of age we introduced solids in the form of pureed vegetables to my daughter Grace.  In the beginning Grace was fantastic, at mealtimes she would happily gobble up her mashed pumpkin, avocado or banana.  However it wasn’t long until meal times became a source of frustration and disappointment as Grace refused to be spoon fed.  My once happy and eager to eat baby now pursed her teeny tiny little lips in a very successful attempt at ensuring nothing would get into her mouth.  Grace spent mealtimes thrashing her head from side to side avoiding any spoon that came in close proximity to her and I would use the little energy I had left singing silly sing songs in an attempt to coax Grace into taking one bite from the ‘choo choo train’.

graceFinally the frustration surrounding meal times reached an all time high, I was completely sick and tired of persuading our lovely little daughter to eat with the use of sing songs, bribes and trickery and my mothering instincts knew there had to be a better way and thanks to a quick search online I was very relieved and forever thankful to discover baby led weaning.

For us baby led weaning has been a true blessing, being in charge of her own feeding Grace is a completely different bubby at meal times!  She now lunges at her foods and happily ferries what is offered from plate to mouth and to see the diversity of foods she now enjoys completely amazes me!  Meal times are now a joy for our family, it’s once again a sacred chance for us to sit together, catch up on our days and to eat and enjoy the same delicious food!  And a lovely bonus for me is that I no longer have to spend time steaming/pureeing/packaging/freezing/thawing baby food.  As the home cook I simply prepare our regular family meals and that’s it!  IMPORTANT: Prior to beginning baby led weaning please consult your family health care practitioner/doctor to ensure this form of weaning is appropriate and safe for your child.

To join the my lovely little lunch box adventure and to receive free baby led weaning recipes directly to your inbox, simply sign up to follow our site!  Also we would love to hear all about your baby led weaning experiences, thoughts, recipes, lunch box ideas and food philosophies so please feel free to comment and share!  Let the fun begin!


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  1. Hi! I´m so glad I found your blog thru Instagram! You have such wonderful recipes and pictures in here! My fourth child is now 5 months of age, but I´m going to wait until about 6 months before starting BLW. I did this with my third child, so I know that this is a great method. But you have all new recipes that I´ve never even heard of so I can´t wait to try them!

    I just have a question about leafe greens, like the spinach and arugula that you use in many of the recipes. Did you give them to your baby even before she was 1? Because here in Sweden, where I live, it´s a big no no to feed leafe greens to a child under the age of 1. Because they contain nitrates which can transform into nitrites in the body, which can inhibit the flow of oxygen in the blood. So I´m curious if you have these same dietary guidelines about leafe greens in Australia?

    Thank you for a wonderful blog!

    • Hi! I am so happy you found my blog and are excited to try my recipes! In Australia we have no such dietary guidelines around leafy greens, perhaps because they’re grown differently? Or our soil is different? Our health department and nutritionists promote eating green leafy vege and I have never heard of any such warning, so I am assuming its fine in Aus. I offered green leafy vege to Grace before 1, although she didn’t eat a huge amount she did enjoy small amounts in her salads. I mostly wanted to get her used to seeing green veges on her plate in the hope of avoiding fussiness later on. I hope this helps! Happy cooking:-)

  2. Hi! Just wanted to check in and say how awesome it is to randomly find a great BLW blog, and to realise you must be fairly local to me here in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane! I’m hoping that means I should be able to find all of the same ingredients really easily :). We were adamant about BLW before our first son was born, and his very first meal at 6mths was BLW. He loved avocado toast fingers back then (he’s 4 now and still does!), but after a while, chopping up the standard finger-sized pieces of everything got veeeeery boring! My second son is now almost 18mths and has been BLW, so it is exciting for me to find such simple, healthy and kid friendly recipes to try. We had your adaptation of Bill Grainger’s Sweetcorn Fritters last night for dinner, and I’ll be hunting around later to see what is for dinner tonight! Thanks for such a superb resource :)

    • Hi! Oh thank you:-) I am so happy to hear you’re enjoying my blog. I live in Paddington so it’s lovely to meet another brisbane baby led weaning mama. I am so happy we decided on blw, not that we had much choice Miss G. refused to be spoon fed (she has to be in charge lol). But its been such an adventure and I really love connecting with other mums to share my recipes. Thanks for saying hello!!! Happy cooking x
      P.S. The sweet corn fritters are divine aren’t they?!? Gotta love Bill!

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes – my son has been blw for the past 15 months and I’d got a bit stuck in the same old rut, so thank you for giving me the inspiration to try some new recipes!

  4. I have just discovered your beautiful blog and have shared with my Mothers Group here in Melbourne who also BLW – all our bubs are around 9 months in age! Beautiful photos and great recipes, keep up the great work! Mums like us really appreciate the ideas and inspiration!

  5. Hi I have a son who seems to be your daughters age and I absolutely love these :)) I discovered your blog when he started being picky with his food a couple of months ago and I’m happy to say he still hasn’t refused any of these. I was just wondering wpuld you be able to put up a sample meal plan for a week? Or even one day only? I’m not sure if my lo is eating enough

    • Hi! I am so happy you’re enjoying my site and your little one is enjoying my recipes! I would love to put a sample menu together but it would range quite significantly depending on your little one’s age, milk consumption, teething, size etc. With baby led weaning, your baby will feed himself until full so there is no hard and fast rule about how much he should be eating. I find with Grace (especially when she is cutting a new tooth) her appetite will vary greatly. I try not to stress out on those days and let her eat according to her own appetite. In the following days, she usually makes up for it anyways gobbling up more than usual food. If your little one seems content until the next mealtime it sounds like he is eating enough. However, if you’re still concerned you should chat to your GP. I hope this has helped! X

  6. Hello Kayla! Both myself and my son are loving your blog. Thanks for the inspiration! I am wondering what brand of yogurt you use? I live in rural NSW and am struggling to find a natural yogurt that will work for us. Thanks for your help. Carolyn

  7. What a wonderful blog! I am so glad I found out about your blog from another mum, I have been sharing your blog with all my mummy friends. My baby is almost 6 months old and we started BLW about 3 weeks ago, as he was showing signs that he was ready. He is already doing so well and it is such an easy, relaxed and enjoyable way to feed my baby. It just feels right and it really is common sense that babies can feed themselves, after all, they do this instinctively from birth on the breast. Your recipes, photography and writing style is just lovely. I cooked your fritters tonight and they were super easy and delicious.
    Thank you….. Michelle

  8. Hi! Soooo grateful to have found your website! My little Darling will be one year on April 23rd. I have been making her good since she was 10 months. Thank you for these amazing recipes… I can’t wait to try them.


  9. Hi

    I’m in the UK. For cups do you just find a cup converter online and follow those. I have a Delia one.

    Is there an easy way to scroll through your recipes by category to print off?

    I’m only just starting blw and I don’t want recipes with too many ingredients. Thanks

    • Hi! The difference between US and UK (Aussie) cups is so minimal I really don’t bother too much. I figure that the ratios are all the same and my recipes always turn out great. I wish there was a simple way to scroll through and print my recipes but unfortunately you need to click on each and print individually. However, I am currently working on a my lovely little lunch box cook book! The book will contain all of the classic baby led weaning recipes on my site as well as new recipes. I am hoping to have the book available online by the end of the year (but with another baby on the way and a toddler running around – I am running a little behind schedule hehehe). I hope you can find some recipes in the meantime to enjoy. Happy cooking x

  10. Just came across your lovely blog and site – very inspiring! Am a mum to a 6 month old (plus 2 older ones who had puree all the way – not much BLW going on then …) who like yours has decided that spoons are really not fun at all and keeps her little mouth firmly clamped shut when one comes near. So am going down the BLW route in all its messy glory! Especially after a revelatory moment today when she chomped for absolutely ages on a chunk of my dad’s homemade pizza … My challenge though is to find things that she can enjoy as well as her older bro and sister (aged 6 and 8) as I can’t always be making fancy little separate things for her … But I”m sure I’m going to get some great ideas from here! Thank you …

  11. Hi I move just discovered your website through Pinterest. My 8 month old has been BLW since the beginning at 6 months old. She loves absolutely everything I’ve given her but I’m wanting to broaden her food. Generally give her veg and meat on their own rather than made into spag Bol or quiche etc. I was just wondering whether your recipes on here can be frozen? These recipes would make far too much food for her in one go and I don’t like to give her the same thing days in a row. I guess I could just reduce the measurements but it can get expensive

    • Welcome! Yes! Most of my recipes can be frozen (I do so all the time). I find the pancakes/pikelets/fritters/meatballs freeze and reheat beautifully! Just pop individual portions into a freezer safe container and stash in the deep freeze for up to 3 months! Good luck x

  12. Hi, love love love your website! I did BLW with my now 3 year old and started with my second boy a month or so again and I’m loving having some new inspiration, for lunch especially. Question though, I’m in the UK and finding some of my conversions seem to be off. The fritters I’m making Are a bit heavy & you can taste the flour. Are you able to confirm how many grams you would use as a cup measure? Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi! Welcome! I use the standard Australian sized measuring cups, which are ever so slightly different to UK/US. I have received a couple of comments like this of late so I have started to include the weight measurements (in grams) of my ingredients. I hope this helps for future recipes. 1 cup of flour is 130 grams. I hope this helps x

  13. Hi. Really looking forward to trying out some of your recipes for my BLW 7 month old daughter – so much variety and interesting things for bub to eat! Are the recipes ok for any age? I have just been starting out with BLW and am still a little bit unsure on what I can/should give her. Have mostly been going for pieces of meat, veggies or fruit.

    • Hi! Welcome! Most of my recipes are perfect for any age but I do have a few recipes that I find to be perfect for blw beginners. To get started with I have had great success with vegetable fritters(pea, carrot, sweet potato, ricotta etc – search my site), fruit studded pikelets (and pancakes), vegetable wedges (sweet potato cut into thick chip shaped pieces and roasted are a huge hit at our place), meatballs (my kids love chicken) and muffins. All of the recipes are on my site and should help you to get started. These recipes are a hit because they are easy for little ones to pick up and nibble away on and they’re the perfect texture for beginners (food able to be squished easily between your thumb and index finger). Happy cooking and please report back, I’d love to know how you go xxx

  14. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes! I love to cook but sometimes have lack of inspiration and often get frustrated… I think your blog will help me and my little one have much more fun at dinner time!

  15. Hi from Switzerland :-)
    I just found your beautiful and inspiring blog with your lovely little princess…I can’t wait to start cooking your recipes!
    Best wishes

  16. This is my first time i have heard of blw and this is what i have been looking for to answer my 2nd son way of loving food!!! So happy to stumble upon your site. I will definitely tell my friends. Thank you so much. Im so excited to try your recipes.

  17. Hi Kayla,

    I’ve recently checked out your blog following a recommendation from a NCT friend in London. My nine month old miss loved your spinach and ricotta fritters last week, so am just finding some more recipes to try for her. Quick question though: a number of the recipes I like contain caster sugar, or coconut sugar which can be replaced with brown sugar. One recipe said the sugar could be replaced with maple sugar instead. At this stage, I’m trying to keep her processed sugar content to a minimum, and would therefore want to use maple syrup or presumably coconut sugar as a replacement (I don’t know much about brown sugar). Do you know if either of these would be a safe replacement to most of your recipes?

    Many thanks – keep up the great work.

  18. Hi there!

    I am essentially doing BLW with my 9 month old son (8 months adjusted). He has slowly, slowly begun trying to get food in his mouth, but often isn’t very successful (which is fine)! I held a banana out for him and he nommed it quickly. I realise it isn’t advised to place food in his mouth, but is just holding the food steady alright? Is it better to just refuse to hold the food (he now doesn’t seem to want to try and do it himself as much) or hold it so he still gets use to biting things? Or a mix of both? Cheers Beth

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for your comment and congratulations on beginning baby led weaning with your little fella. I think the best thing for you to do here is to follow your mama instincts. If you see him really struggling to pick things up or he is having trouble finding his mouth, feel free to give him a little help. But I am sure it won’t be long before he has honed his eating style and will be able to ferry food to his mouth with more accuracy and ease. It’s amazing how quickly they catch on! In the meantime follow your mama instincts – it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job! If over time you feel he isn’t taking much interest in feeding himself have a chat to your family Doctor they will be able to offer you further suggestions and weaning information. I hope this helps! Please report back, I’d really love to know how your little one goes xxx

  19. Just wanted to say a huge thanks and well done for my lovey little lunch box website. I’ve baby led weaned my beautiful baby girl since 6 months old (I did a lot of research!) it just makes so much sense. She has just turned one and has an amazing appetite (I was very fussy as a child so this is a major relief for me). Your recipes are so simple and delicious that my mum and dad (who look after Abigail when I’m working 3 days) love them too and happily tuck into their meals with her. My sister has even started making some for her 6 year old who can be fussy and nicknames them Abigail’s meals! When I feel the meals are starting to get repetitive I know I can come onto your website or trawl through my lovely little lunch box email folder I have set up and get inspired again! You must love your job! So thank you super mum x

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so very much for your beautiful comment. It makes me so happy to hear that your little one and family are enjoying my recipes! And what a fab idea to keep a ‘my lovely little lunch box’ email folder! I am hoping to put together a cookbook very soon so you’ll have access to all my recipes in one easy to find and navigate spot. Thanks again for your beautiful message. You’re so sweet X

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