baby led weaning

What is baby led weaning?

Baby led weaning quite simply is self feeding.  It means allowing your child to feed themselves from the very beginning of their experiences with food.  At meal times, your child eats at the same time as the rest of the family and is offered the same food.  Baby led weaning is all about exploring, experiencing and enjoying nutritious and delicious family meals from the very first taste of led weaning

IMPORTANT: Prior to beginning baby led weaning please consult your family health care practitioner/doctor to ensure this form of weaning is appropriate and safe for your child.

Please note; the term ‘weaning’ doesn’t mean giving up milk feeds (formula or breast milk) it simple refers to the introduction of foods other than milk.

Benefits of baby led weaning

  • Allows bub to explore the taste, texture, colour and smell of food
  • Meal times are an enjoyable family experience
  • Helps to develop bubs hand-eye coordination
  • Establishes great eating habits as bub is allowed to eat as much as she/he needs, in their own time
  • Mealtime battles are far less likely
  • Encourages confidence
  • No need for cooking two different meals for the family, saves time and money
  • Eating with loved ones develops and encourages strong family bonds

When to start?

The World Health Organisation recommends the introduction of solids at 6 months of age.  At 6 months of age children start to develop the skills that enable them to instinctively start to feed themselves.  Signs that your baby is ready to start self feeding include;

  • sitting up with little or no support
  • being able to reach out and grab things effectively
  • being able to take objects to their mouth quickly and with accuracy
  • able to make gnawing & chewing movements

How to get started?

When your baby is developmentally ready for the introduction of solids start by including your baby in family meal times and offer food in pieces that are easy for your baby to pick up and handle.  Your baby will start to ferry the food to their mouth where they will gnaw, nibble, chew and swallow pieces.  There is no need for anyone to ‘feed’ the baby.  It is completely up to your baby how much he/she eats and how fast.  Your baby will continue to have milk feeds (whether breast milk or formula) whenever he/she wants them.

Wonderful recipes to get started with:

zucchini pancakes w' caprese saladwholemeal blueberry pikeletsspaghetti polpettevegetable fritterswholemeal apple muffinsricotta fritters w' tomato basil saucebaked french toastmini pea & pesto frittatassavoury muffinsricotta & sweet potato pizzabroccoli & cauliflower frittersspinach & ricotta frittersbaked meatballs w' simple tomato sauceraspberry & almond sconeswholesome ricotta hotcakes w' summer berry saucespinach & ricotta piecoconut peach pancakessweet potato fritters w' avocado salsazucchini & ricotta pizza'ssimple mushroom penne

63 thoughts on “baby led weaning

  1. Ahhhh. I love BLW. We have just started with my sweet girl, and it’s encouraging to see the pictures of your daughter. It can be so frustrating. Some days she hoes in, and loves having a go of everything. But more often than not she just throws it all on the floor, and grizzles until I give her some cherry tomatoes (which she loves!).
    It will get better!! It has to! :)

    • Oh we totally have days like that too! I have found Miss G. loses her appetite when she is teething badly:-( It can be so frustrating but seeing her really enjoy and love her food most days makes it all worth it! Oh and she adores cherry tomatoes also! One little tip: I have found sitting down to eat alongside Grace helps a lot. When we enjoy food together she eats wit a lot more enthusiasm and mimics everything I do hehehe. So cute:-) Good luck and keep me posted! I’d love to know how your little girl goes!

      • I always eat my meals with her. She’s only just 6 months, so I’m not expecting her to be eating heaps. We’re on a big car trip today and we stopped for lunch not long ago. She seemed much more interested because we were all sitting on a rug in the park eating together. Maybe I need to take breakfast and lunchtime out of the house.

      • Yeah Grace loves eating outdoors too. Some days I pop a blanket on the balcony and we eat lunch out there. She loves it. Hey I just discovered your blog…what a wonderful idea to incorporate motherhood and being a midwife. Oh and your birth story was great, I love reading posts that are raw and real. You’re a great writer and Macie is just beautiful. Being a midwife must be such a beautiful profession. You do amazing work. Keep up with the blogging, you’re onto a great idea! Mothers will absolutely love you:-) Have a wonderful weekend & please stay in touch I’d love to know how you go with blw. X

  2. Q: did you worry about choking with your wee one? Baby Lexie turns 6 months this week, we’ve been pureeing her foods to start. Did you mash up whatever you were eating to start with?

    • Hi Jen! A lot of mama’s and papa’s beginning baby led weaning worry about choking, I know I did so I did a bit of research to arm myself with as much information as possible and I suggest you do too. There are some amazing sites (check out my resources page) that have some fantastic info that will give you more confidence if baby led weaning is something you choose to do. However, to begin I offered food to Miss G. that was chip sized, i.e. rectangle and large enough for her to grip easily and nibble on. I also ensured the food was soft enough, i.e. able to be squished between my thumb and index finger. Obviously I sat with her at every meal time and ate too, I found she would watch me and mimic what I did. I also researched the difference between gagging and choking. Choking is an obstruction in the wind pipe and is silent. Gagging is when food moves around the mouth and hits the gag reflex and there is noise involved. Also gagging is pretty normal. Bubs can pretty much have any type of food other than honey, or foods with salt or too much sugar. I discovered blw because Grace refused mashed foods and being spoon fed. I am so glad we did, six months on Miss G. loves her food and will eat pretty much anything! I know beginning baby led weaning can be daunting but my advice would be to do some research, read all about it, check out my baby led weaning page, getting started page and resources page. I always say to mama’s the best recipe to get started with is fritters! I have made pea fritters, sweet corn, sweet potato, carrot etc etc for Miss G. and she loved them, especially when we first started. They’re really easy for the little ones to pick up and eat and they’re jam packed full of vegetables. I hope this has helped you! Good luck and please report back I’d love to know how you go! Kayla x

      • Great advice :). Theres so much mixed advice its confusing! The fritters look great – is it ok to introduce multiple foods at once?

      • Hello!
        My baby girl is 6 1/2 months now and we have started the solid foods (puréed) and it is so much fun. I make all her food everyday and have been reading a lot about baby led weaning. I am so excited to start and learn more about it.
        I am one of those that researches everything and am a true believer in natural wholesome foods.
        I had a home birth and would recommend it to any one (low risk pregnancy) and my doula strongly suggests BLW.
        So let’s give it a GO!

        Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge :)

        Kayla T

  3. Hi Kayla
    A friend recommended your site to me, and I absolutely love it. As a speech pathologist who works with neonates & bubs with feeding problems, I thought I’d be following the standard introduction of solids but my little one had different ideas. So after lots of reading around and discussions we’ve embarked on a mixture of blw & assisted spoon feeding (as in I load the spoon & she sometimes gets it in her mouth). Your site is a great resource & I love the recipes – feeling very inspired, especially when my parents and my in-laws see how much she loves feeding herself and really enjoying the food. Now I just have to cope with no appetite when teething & some picky periods where I find myself offering her a buffet (bad habit I know!)
    Thanks again, Kimberley

    • Hi Kimberley!

      Thank you! I am so happy to hear you and your little one are enjoying my site and recipes. It seems we both have independent little bubba’s! Grace, just like your little one, certainly had other ideas about spoon feeding. Little Miss refused to be spoon fed and pursed her lips so tight not one morsel of food made it past! It was such a stressful couple of weeks so I was so relieved to discover baby led weaning. Self feeding, she is a completely different bubby at meal times! I am so happy your little girl loves blw too! And it’s wonderful to watch them really enjoy their food isn’t it! As I type, Miss G is walking around the lounge room happily nibbling away on a peach! Getting peach juice everywhere though. Ahh the mess never ends lol.

      I experience the same ‘no appetite’ issue with Grace when teething. She just cut two molars so that past couple of weeks have been awful. In pain, her appetite is nonexistent and I do find I get a little stressed when I feel she hasn’t eaten enough. Luckily it doesn’t last long and once the tooth has cut and she is feeling better her appetite returns with a vengeance and she happily makes up for the lost eating opportunities. During the really bad days I often pop fruit (blueberries, raspberries and wedges of apple) into the freezer for a good half hour or so and then offer them to Grace. The cool hard fruit on her gums is a great relief for her and she loves it.

      Thanks for touching base and saying hello! Please stay in touch, I’d love to know how you and your little one continue to go!

      Thanks, Kayla x

  4. Hi Kimberley,
    Someone recommended I look at your page and I’m glad I have already! My little girl has just turned 11 ,oaths and I’ve noticed the last few weeks she is changing with how she wants to eat. Sophie is really enjoying eating with her hands and feeding herself so I want to encourage this. My first question would be where do I start? I made the majority of her foods for her previously with yummy home made sauces and veges but I think she is bored of that now. Any suggestions???
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Melissa!

      Welcome:-) I am so happy you found my page! Like you, my little one was becoming quite the fuss pot so I decided to take the baby led weaning route and now I post the recipes on my site that have been a hit at our place to help other mamas. Its so fantastic that you’re encouraging your bub to self feed, I find when Grace is in charge of her eating she is much happier and eats a lot more too.

      OK. So where to start! When we first began our blw journey I was so confused about the types of foods Grace could eat. After a little research I discovered she can basically eat anything except honey, salt and foods containing too much sugar. With this in mind I did a little cooking experimentation and found Grace really enjoyed vegetable fritters. So I made batches with zucchini, sweet corn, sweet potato, pea etc etc. The shape of the fritters as well as their texture make them really easy for little hands to pick up and nibble on. Also, they’re chock full of vegetables and couldn’t be simpler to prepare.

      I also found Grace loved frittatas (and my impossible pie recipe), so I would make up a big frittata full of vegetables, bake, then serve in finger length portions. Another great lunch or snack idea Grace adored were vegetable wedges. I basically take a whole heap of vegetables, chop into finger length rectangle shapes, drizzle with a little olive oil and bake for a good half hour or so. The vege wedges are easy for the kids to eat and store in an airtight container in the fridge for a good 2-3 days.

      And for a great ‘on the go’ snack (or breakfast) I like to whip up batches of sugar-free wholemeal muffins chock full of fresh fruit. Grace loves them and they’re so easy to make. Also, left over muffins can be popped into the freezer for another day.

      If you jump on the recipe page of my site, you’ll find all of the above mentioned recipes. They’re all super simple, because like you, I am super busy with Grace and don’t have the time to mess about with complicated recipes. I hope this has helped:-) Happy cooking and please report back I would love to know how your little one goes! X

  5. I absolutely love this! I pinned your post for later and hope to continue researching and experimenting with BLW as my little nugget grows and develops! She’s super interested in everything that my husband and I pick up to each so this will be an exciting new adventure with her for sure! Thanks so much for the tips and recipes! =)

  6. Love, love, love your site. My little guy is just over 6 months and really starting to get into BLW – we had Moroccan chicken tonight and he loved it! Me however, I’m still a nervous Nelly – even after all my research and and that at every meal he shows me that he can totally do this, gagging and all. Luckily hubs is as calm as can be. I briefly considered doing purees but I just know that I won’t regret this so keep pushing through… it has after all only been a week and hello, tonight he had chicken!!! Thanks for all the inspiration… fantastic stuff!!

    • Hi! My pleasure! Oh I am so so so happy your little one enjoyed the Moroccan chicken! And I totally understand your nervousness, I was much the same in the beginning too. It’s just part of being a mama. But they great thing is as your little one hones his eating style/technique, gagging will become a less and less common. Happy cooking!!! X

  7. My wee one (10mo) will only really eat what she can put in her mouth herself. Loves throwing food overboard without even trying it (although if its new she will almost always try it); and what she will eat one day she turns her nose up at the next!
    Food times can be frustrating especially breakfast time which she has suddenly decided she doesnt want to eat anything at all.
    So glad I found your website to add to her finger foods. Any ideas and recipes for meat?
    Thanks in advance :)

    • Oh I am so happy to hear you’ve found some ideas on my site! Coming up with meals that the little ones will enjoy can sometimes be quite the challenge! My little girl loves hot chicken cakes, baked meatballs, greek inspired lamb meatballs and sesame crusted chicken cakes. They’re really tasty and fun for her to eat. All of the recipes can be found on the recipes page of my site. Happy cooking and please report back, I’d love to know how you and your little one go! X

  8. Thank you for sharing! I made the mistake of not doing BLW with my first and he is the PICKIEST eater ever! We have just started BLW with our second and my biggest question is giving foods that have multiple ingredients (i.e. Veggie fritters). Since there is a 4 day rule to look for reactions, did you give the ingredients on their own for 4 days each then feel comfortable mixing them together in fritter form or just jump all in?
    Most BLW sites I’ve looked at encourage the 3-4 day rule but all recipes are multi-ingredient ones so I get a little confused. :) Thank you!!

    • Hi! I am so happy you’re enjoying my site! I have found there are so many different rules for introducing foods, it seems each government/country has their own guidelines so its hard to recommend a hard and fast rule. I spoke to my Dr and she advised us the only reason the 3-4 day rule exists is to make it easier to diagnose a reaction. I.e. if you give your child 1 food type for 3-4 days and they have a reaction you know exactly what it was, there is no need to go through the process of elimination. For me, there was no way in the world my daughter Grace would eat the same thing 3-4 days in a row. Plus we have no food allergies in our family. Its probably best for you to speak to your GP and discuss your family allergy history and what is the best method for introducing foods with your little one. I hope this has helped. Happy cooking and please report back, I’d love to know how your little one goes! X

  9. Hello, I’ve just stumbled across your lovely website after doing some research into baby led weaning. My little Reuben has just turned 6 months but has been eating puréed food since he was 4 months after being advised to wean early by the health visitor. He refuses to eat mashed food but will eat finger foods and your recipes have really inspired me to head down the blw route! Can’t wait to get cooking :) x

  10. Hi there,
    I love ur site. Great ideas for my 13month old son. I want to make the Banana & Choc muffins and wondering what yoghurt you use?

    Thank u xx

  11. Hi!
    Your page is my first stop in BLW googling. Miss 7
    Months is my second child and has decided a spoon is not for her!? Happy to do a nic of both but uncertain as my first boy annihilated and couldn’t get enough purées!
    My question is this- I’m worried about introducing food we eat as I feel like her guts won’t be ready to handle the flavours and foods we eat? Is this not a realistic concern? When first starting solids, she is getting quite constipated? An example-
    I make scrambled eggs frequently for breaky but it has real milk and full eggs- why does baby led weaning say she can have both but traditional spoon feeding says not until much later??

  12. Hello, my boy is 9 months old and for the most part still eating pureed foods. When I try to introduce him to (jar food) with lumps, he gags something fierce almost to the point of vomiting. I am interested in blw but so scared that he will choke. I am a ftm and there are times when I feel like I don’t have a clue, this being one of them. Can you recommend something I can start him off with? I was thinking maybe scrambled eggs or sweet potato fries or even a banana. Thanks so much and I love your website.

  13. Hi I’m about to start on this BLW journey with my youngest he is such an independent little man at 6 months old (and I thought my little 3yo girl was independent) he is just into everything, grabbing at it and exploring it with his hands and mouth. My daughter was not like this at all so this is all very very new and exciting. He has been on solids for a couple of weeks now but it is such a struggle to get him to eat off a spoon we have to wait till he just happens to open his mouth wide enough to get a spoon in there. He loves the food once its in there just really doesn’t like the spoon. I started with dinner tonight and he loved eating it by himself, although I’m worried he’s not eating enough. He’s a big boy at 10kg and I’m getting up at night to give bottles at least 3 times. I’m worried that the feeding over night will increase and with 2 other kids to attend to during the day I’m worried I’m not going to have the energy or the patience. He also has reflux which is under control now but he’s still on the reflux formula so I’m also worried that the reflux will get worse, not sure how yet, but as I said this is all very new. Also while I’m writing this any ideas on how to get my very fussy 3yo to eat she eats almost nothing.

  14. Just found your website. I’m a somewhat reluctant BLW mummy but my LO refuses a spoon so there we go!

    Can you freeze the fritters to use another day?

    Jamie is dairy intolerant and doesn’t get on well with eggs so I’m not finding it easy to get recipes that will suit him.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Sarah x

  15. Hello. I have been doing BLW with my 7 1/2 month old for about 6 weeks. He seems to enjoy picking up the different types of foods I give him. In the past week or so he has started chewing and swallowing a few bites at each meal time. He is still taking the same amount of formula now as he was when he was 6 months old. I’m just worried that he should be eating more food by now. I’m sure he’s fine and I know every baby is different and he will come around in his own time. I just wondered if anyone else has had the same type of experience with their little one. Thanks.

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  17. Loving your site. Just wondering tho- my little one is about to turn six months but has a cows milk protein allergy so no dairy at all (or soy) and high grade reflux. We have to do three day trials with every new food as we’ve already found potatoes and peas affect her badly. She’s very hands on during feeding tho and would rather hold the spoon hersslf so I know BLw would suit her down to the ground. What are good simple foods to start with that would only include one or two fruit/ veg at a time. I already know she tolerates puréed pumpkin and brocolli so will be putting that steamed on her plate tomorrow!

    • Welcome! I would begin with simple vegetable wedges, try one vegetable at a time (for 3 days), simply chop up veggies (like sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, capsicum etc) into long chip shaped pieces, pop onto an oven tray lined with baking paper and bake for 30 minutes or until tender. I usually drizzle the veggies with a little olive oil but you may want to keep it very simple to begin with. The shape of the wedges will be easy for your little one to pick up and nibble on with ease and the texture will be perfect too. If your little one is able to eat eggs, vegetable fritters are great too. My little one devoured them because they taste amazing and are so easy to eat. I hope this helps! And please report back, I’d love to know how your little one goes! X

    • Hi, my tiny also has a milk allergy – she seems to be lactose intolerant and is on neocate as can’t even tolerate nutramigen. I’ve found she loves pretty much all fruit, veg and meat and loves the pea fritters recipe from this lady. It’s so frustrating having to try one thing at a time but it soon builds up and she eats loads of different things now. She not had a reaction to anything other than bread (because it had soy flour in). Good luck! X

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  19. Love your site and enjoying trying out some of the recipes you have posted! I have a couple of questions. My little one is 11 months. For a child who loves to put everything he sees into his mouth he can be very definite about what foods he will and won’t try. It seems that he has his ‘favourites’ and is slow to try new foods or will just decide that he doesn’t want a particular food that I offer him. I often feel torn between wanting him to eat something at meal times and then defaulting to giving him the favourites or not giving anything else if he doesn’t eat what’s being offered in case he learns that if he holds out long enough he’ll get something he really wants in the end. Any thoughts on this?

    Also he’s gotten into the habit of throwing bits of food onto the floor and looking at me as if he’s expecting that I will pick it up and give it back to him, which I usually do. I know this isn’t a sign that he’s done because it’s usually at the start of the meal. I’ve taken to standing out of his line of sight and then he seems to get on with eating even things he previously would have thrown on the floor. How can I encourage him away from this behaviour?

  20. My son is 5 months old and for about two weeks my son ate pureed sweet potatoes and pears. I added a little bit of rice cereal to each with formula to make it the right consistency. Every night after his dinner he would be in terrible pain. Crying uncontrollably due to gas. For as long as 3 hours. So I quit giving it to him and he’s right back to happy. He’s on soy formula and is otherwise showing all the signs for being ready to eat. He watches me eat and if he’s in my arms he will try to grab the food. He takes bites well and chews on his bottom lip and the nipples of his bottles. Is it too early to start baby led weaning? And what can I feed him that would be least likely to give him gas?

  21. Hi.. I’ve kind of introduced my little zoe to eating unassisted but only with banana and avocado. I Currently have been making her purees since it’s so much fun and healthier. She is breastfed only. But we are dealing with her being kind of constipated. She just can’t push this one out I should say. My question is… will giving her more solid type foods cause constipation? Or should I give her solid foods and also the purees?

    • Hi Amy. You should have a chat to your Family Doctor, there are many factors that contribute to constipation and your doctor will be able to better understand and advise your little ones eating style. I hope this helps. Good luck xxx

  22. Could you or anyone suggest quick meals? I’ve been BLW since 6 months and my schedule is so chaotic. I pick my LO up from school at 4:30 and he’s ready to eat by 5:00 so there’s not enough time to prep a meal. I need quick and easy meal ideas. I’d appreciate any help you could offer.

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  24. Hi, I love your site, your recipes are fab. I have a very independent 8 month old who loves to feed herself and your site has been such an inspiration. She has a cows milk allergy and an intolerance to lactose but thank god ther are lots of things she can have (she LOVES the pea fritters) blw is so much easier with a baby who has some quite awful intolerances to certain things as you know exactly what your putting in everything. She even has a bad reaction to shop bought bread because nearly all of it contains soy flour. Thank goodness for you! X

  25. I love your website! My little one is 8 months and was on purees from about 5 months till a few weeks ago. He started trying to grab food off our plates, and we finally got the message and started our BLW journey. He eats most foods with gusto but also spends a lot of time spreading food all over the tray and ‘mopping’ with the food ….so I just wanted to ask – is that normal? Is there something I should be doing so there is as much going onto his mouth as on the tray?

    • Welcome!! Oh it sounds totally normal!! Your little guy is doing great!! The first 2-3 months of baby led weaning is all about discovering new tastes and textures and with that comes a lot of ‘playing’ type eating. My little guy just started blw too and he is displaying the exact same behaviour. Don’t stress in a month or both of our little ones will be eating like pros! Kayla xxx

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  27. Hi! Your website has been a huge help in calming my nerves with blw. My question however has to do with feeding times and scheduling it all in. I have just returned to work full time and my little girl (Lilith) is 6 months old. She will be going to a childminder (who is wonderful!!) who is supportive of blw. I am a bit stuck with what meal to start with. I am concerned that breakfast will be a bit manic to start with unless I wake Lilith up early (which seems silly), I’d like to be the one giving the food to start to lunch is out as she will be with the childminder so that leaves dinner. She has a bottle at 4pm then at 7pm. Do I try some food her between her last two feeds? Or get myself organised and start with foods at breakfast? If so suggestions for quick and easy breakfast are very welcome! Thanks so much!

    • Hi and welcome! So happy you discovered my site. It really depends on what works best for you and your little one. If you do begin with with breakfast some great recipes to get started with are sugarfree pancakes, pikelets and muffins served with a little fruit. The recipes I serve my little ones are usually jam packed with fruit (have little to no added sugar – I instead sweeten with maple syrup) and can be made using wholemeal flour. Pancakes/pikelets/muffins are also very easy for little hands to pick up and nibble on. The texture is also great for baby led weaning beginners. I often bake a batch over the weekend, wrap individually and stash in the deep freeze. The night before I grab out what I need for the following day and allow it to defrost. Another great recipe for breakfast is wholemeal french toast, I posted a recipe a few weeks back for a baked version which makes it a super simple and quick recipe to whip up. I hope this has helped and given you a few ideas. Best of luck and please report back, I’d love to know how you and your little one go. Kayla x

    • Hi!!! From 6 months to a year solid food is more of a bonus for baby than real nutrition. Like a tasting party!! Up until closer to a year, offer solid food after formula/breastmilk. It’s ok if they don’t consume much, it’s about learning new flavours and textures so just have fun! I would start the first meal at dinner just after the 4 pm bottle. Good luck!!!!

  28. Hi. I have discovered your website and love it.

    I have a two and half year old that is quiet the fussy eater, as he was my first child I was pretty much guided by cook books to start pureed foods between 4-6 months (in our case 4 1/2 months) and I believe we missed the boat when it came to introducing family friendly meals as I was always shoving food in his mouth,
    However second time round with my daughter I would really like to BLW and she is showing really positive signs….. Which leads me to ask you…. She is currently 5 months and one week and has been showing a lot of interest in food since 5 months, I have cut a few pieces of fruit/veg up and held them for her while she sucks away – such as banana, strawberries, tomatoes, avocado & pear however my question is;
    she has not quiet got the concept of handling the food herself so I have been holding it to her mouth, is this going to hinder the process of BLW (as I have read to let your baby feed herself) – I have often left the food on her tray but she cant quiet work out how to grab yet and bring to her mouth, do I back of with food for the moment and wait till she is closer to 6 months or do I continue to help her hold and allow her to suck away?
    Thanks for your website and sorry if you have answered this type of q 100 times.

  29. I love this website! We have been doing this for 2 months with our son and I love all the support on this page. It has been a great learning experience for both of us.

  30. Hello!

    This is going to sound very silly, but I just wanted to check- are all of your recipes suitable for a 6month old?
    I’m feeling very out of my BLW depths 😔

  31. Hi Kayla,
    I have 10 month old Boy Girl Twins who barely eat any solids and I’m pulling my hair out worrying that they are not eating more. I’ve tried any number of purees to mashed foods and still no real interest. I understand that food is fun before 1 but they are getting closer and closer to that and my work is growing. So my question is… What’s the chance that we will have more success with BLW? They will nibble at biscuits the odd piece of cucumber or toast but I haven’t tried too much else any pointers for getting them more interested in food?

  32. There is so little instruction on BLW compared to pureed that I doubted myself. I have tried BLW with my second because that was how he seemed to want to eat (my first was happier being spoon fed – lazy old bones), and was just plonking whatever we were eating in front of him, lentil curry, fish pie. It’s good to know I’m heading in the right direction and he’ll start getting some in his mouth at some point! Still very early days and it just seemed so easy….that can’t be all there is to it right?? Apparently it is…hurrah!!

  33. Hello! My LO is six+ months and we’ve been doing BLW for three weeks now and I see no progress :( He’s just not interested! Today, we tried some purees just to see if he had the same response and he was all about it, which makes me concerned that we are not doing the right method :( I really want to do BLW…does it take some time??

    • Hi Rebecca, my kids were exactly the same!! The first month or two of baby led weaning can be really frustrating and make you question whether or not you’ve chosen the right method of weaning. It’s really disheartening when you’ve prepared food and you feel as though your little one is not interested and makes a huge mess. You question whether or not they’ve eaten anything at all!!! With both of my kids I just tried to keep in mind that most of their nutritional needs are still being met by their milk feeds and the introduction of food is all about learning, exploring and discovering new tastes and textures. As time goes by and as your little ones learns to manoeuvre food to their mouth with more accuracy they do eat more and more and all of a sudden you realise your little one is enjoying a meal! My little Harry is just at this stage now and is loving (and eating) his food like a little champ. It does require a little more patience but I’ve found the wait to be totally worth it. That said, if you and your little one feel more comfortable with purees then go with your instincts! You’re the mummy and I bet you know best. You can always do a mixture or purees and finger foods and get the best of both worlds. It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job. I hope this helps and good luck lovely. Kayla XXX

  34. Thank you Kayla! I think I just needed reassurance that this is normal! I know I need to let him lead which is very different!

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  36. On your recipes that have cinnamon in them, what do you recommend as a substitute? My daughter is allergic/sensitive to cinnamon, we don’t know which one yet but we are avoiding cinnamon til she gets a little older. She is 7 months now

  37. So incredibly exciting to start BLW. my little man is almost 5 months old, and he’s always so interested in what we are eating, so blw definitely seems like the write path! These recipes look amazing and I cant wait to use them! Thankyou!

  38. Everything here looks wonderful! I’ve just started my daughter on BLW. She loves cucumber, but so far she’s not as taken with anything our veg we’ve put before her. I’m not sure if it’s because her gums are sore (no teeth as of yet, she just turned 6 months) and the cucumber feels good? But so far yams, carrots, pear, cauliflower not so much. Any suggestions for a brand new earlier BLW feeder?

    • I found in the very early blw days, roasted vegetable (sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrot etc) chips were wonderful. Simply chop vegetables into long ‘chip’ shaped pieces, pop onto an oven tray, drizzle with a little olive oil and bake for 20-25 minutes in a 180 degree celsius oven or until cooked and slightly golden. The texture of the vegetable is very easy for beginners to nibble on and the shape of the chips are very easy for beginners to pick up. I also found vegetable fritters to be a favourite. If you search ‘fritters’ on my site a heap of recipes will pop up. They’re very easy to make and again there shape/texture is perfect for beginners. Otherwise a banana cut in half seems to be a favourite as well as large chunks of avocado. If the banana or avocado seem to be a little slippery (and your little one is finding them hard to grip) don’t be afraid to slightly mash them and pop onto a piece of lightly toasted wholemeal bread (cut into long rectangles). I hope this helps. Good luck and please report back, I’d love to know how you and your little one go. X

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