morning tea

pumpkin sconesbanana oat cookiesblueberry banana breadstrawberry & orange buttermilk pikeletslime, coconut & white chocolate muffinsraspberry & macadamia crumb barslemon & poppyseed muffinsstrawberry & almond skillet cakeblueberry crumb muffinstrawberry oat breadoat slicebanana oat breadraspberry lemon friandspear & cinnamon pikeletsblueberry & pear yoghurt cakebanana choc muffinsblueberry sconescoconut breadpear & almond skillet cakeraspberry & chocolate blondiesstrawberry muffinsricotta & cinnamon fruit toastraspberry & lemon yoghurt loafdonutsraspberry & chocolate muffinsmuesli barapple tea cakepear, cinnamon & almond muffinsraspberry pikeletsblueberry crumb barCarrot, apple & sultana mini pancakesbanana breadcarrot apple & yoghurt muffinschoc zucchini loafmango & coconut muffinsblueberry breakfast muffinsoat chocolate chip cookiesbaby friendly french toaststrawberry & mandarin muffinsstrawberry & apple oat crisp barslovely lemon loafbanana choc muffinscranberry pecan oat barsbanana date loafraspberry & almond sconeslime & coconut loafwholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast cookieswholesome ricotta hotcakes w' summer berry saucefig & coconut muffinsgingerbread cookiescherry pistachio bundt cakefestive zucchini choc browniesmaple sweet potato loafgingerbread muffinswholesome apple & cinnamon breakfast breadcoconut peach pancakescarrot cake scones


bocconcini & basil stuffed tomatoes w' smashed avo on toastzucchini parmesan chipspotato, onion & cheese frittatagreek inspired lamb meatballssweet potato & chickpea pattiesroast pumpkin & feta couscous saladhot chicken cakespotato saladroasted pumpkin & feta pasta saladzucchini, corn & cheese muffinstuna mediterranean vegetable pizzazucchini frittersbean tuna saladtomato ricotta tartpumpkin, bacon & feta 'impossible' piepesto pasta salad & lemon thyme & honey chickenmediterranean vegetable tartspea bruschettahummus w' pita chipssunshine saladsweet potato & feta frittatatuna cakesbaby friendly falafelzucchini, corn & cheddar loafpea fritterssweetcorn fritterspea, ricotta and herb rollinicrispy chicken and vegetable meltsweet potato, zucchini and crispy chicken pizzacrispy chicken, mayo and tomato wrapsbacon herb and cheese impossible pieHerbed polenta chips & pesto broccoli treesten minute pasta saladcarrot fritterszucchini & ricotta pizza'sham & vegetable sliceitalian tomato & bread saladgorgeously green quinoa salad w' zesty pesto dressingsweetcorn pasta saladspinach & ricotta frittersricotta, herb & tomato piefestive pasta saladturkey cranberry & sage sausage rollsspinach & ricotta piesweet potato tuna pattiesvegemite & cheese wholemeal spaghettisweet potato fritters w' avocado salsagreek salad, tzatziki & flat bread


chicken sesame cakes w' lime coriander noodlesspaghetti w' mint pestocreamy carbonara w' peas & basilsimple spaghettichicken noodle stir fryroasted mediterranean vegetable pennespaghetti genovesepea, mint & ricotta agnolottiMediterranean chicken bakechicken parmigianaeggplant & tomato pennecrunchy mac & cheese with baconshepherd's piecreamy broccoli & bacon pasta bakepea, ricotta and herb rollinicrispy chicken strips, sweet potato wedges & tomato saladheirloom tomato penne w' crispy bacon crumbscreamy lemon penne w' spring peas & asparagussimple mushroom pennepea & asparagus pasta w' lemony ricotta saucebaked meatballs w' simple tomato sauceultimate roast vegeschicken tacos w' grilled corn & avocado salsa

sweet treats

yoghurt panna cottas with fresh strawberriesbread & butter puddingberry clafoutisbaby friendly chocolate moussecreamy lemon penne w' spring peas & asparagusMango & banana frozen yoghurt

42 thoughts on “recipes

  1. Wow! I am so happy I have found your wonderful website!! Your recipes and ideas are amazing! I have 3 sons in primary school and was surfing the web now that school has returned to find new ideas for their lunch boxes. I cannot wait to make some (and honestly, most) of these delicious treats!!!!! Thank you!! I look forward to baking your divine lunch box treats!

  2. My friend gave me the link for ur mango and coconut muffins and I’ve just been checking out your other recipes! They look very tasty! Ive got 3 boys aged 1,4,7 and I’m always after good recipes to try and fill them up!! I’ve just put some mango in the freezer to try out the frozen yoghurt tomorrow and am now writing my shopping list around other recipes!!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your effort in this amazing blog.
    there are so many yummy, healthy and quick recipes for time-poor mum like me.
    i’m looking forward to trying out your recipes.
    Please keep them coming :)

  4. Hi,
    My son is turning 5 months old next week so I’ve begun to research baby led weaning for when he can sit up on his own properly. Which recipes would you suggest for introducing food or should I just keep it simple and do cut up pieces of veg/fruit?


    • Hi! Yay I am so happy to hear you’re about to begin blw with your little one! When we first began blw, I kept things pretty simple. I found Grace loved vegetable wedges, basically I would chop up vegetables (like sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrot) into long chip shapes, pop onto a baking try and roast until cooked and slightly golden. The shape was really easy for her to grip and nibble on with ease. She also adored vegetable fritters. Check out the recipe page on my site and you’ll find super simple recipes for pea fritters, sweet corn, sweet potato, zucchini, carrot etc. You’ll love them too! Good luck and happy cooking! And please report back, I’d love to know how you go! X

  5. I have just found your site and just wanted to say how lovely it is, it’s layout is fab, looking a pictures of food rather than a list of recipes. I am really looking forward to trying some of your recipes! We did BLW with our 3 year old and are just starting our journey again as most of it has been forgotten with our 6 month old so it was lovely to find this site. Thank you.

  6. My son is almost a year old now and we’ve been doing blw, and to be honest, sometimes I find myself a bit out of inspiration. I’m happy to eat the same things but while he’ll love something the first and maybe even second time, if I try to feed it to him again too quickly, he’s not interested. Your website has some lovely recipes here and I’m inspired to get back into preparing new and delicious things for him! Thanks for all your work.

    • Oh we all have those moments! Just when you think you’re onto a winner your little one decides they’ve changed their mind. Happens all of the time here so I try to create new (very simple) meals most days. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying my site. Happy cooking :-)

  7. Hello! I just wanted to say I have been reading your blog for 6 months now. I found you on instagram thru #blw and I am so thankful for your recipes. I don’t particularly like cooking and I always lack inspiration but having to cook for my kids and trying new things is fun :) I read somewhere you were having a book come out and I can’t find if it’s out or when it might be available. I hope it’s soon :) thanx again!

  8. Love your page, our favourite is the apple cinnamon breakfast cookies. I can’t seem to see it on this page? I always just google it instead but wondering if it was hiding somewhere on this page :)

  9. These recipes are amazing. I am looking to give my little boy as much variety as possible to keep him interested and excited in food and some of these recipes are just what I am looking for. If I’m cooking up batches of fritters etc, can I freeze them and how would I do this as I don’t want to ruin a lovely new flavour experience by giving him the same thing four meals in a row, and I don’t want to waste any of the food either? Thanks so much….

    • Alice,
      You can flash freeze the fritters by letting them cool and then putting them on a tray in the freezer for an hour or two, and then after they are frozen transfer them to a freezer bag. You can also wrap each one individually after they have cooled and freeze them that way also.

  10. I love, love your website. It is so user friendly! I can’t wait to try some of these with my son! I have a question so you though…I notice some of your ingredients contain egg. I have been under the impression per doctor and BLW book itself that eggs should wait until they are a year. My baby is 7 1/2 months old. How long did you wait? I dying to cook with them!

    • Thank you! So happy you’re enjoying my blog. I was told by my Dr to introduce eggs as soon as we started on solids. I couldn’t wait (so many great baking recipes need them). Grace was fine but you should follow your Dr’s advice x

  11. This is BY FAR the best baby led weaning recipe site I have ever seen. Your recipes are perfect for little ones and adults love them too. I am in love. Thank you so much.

  12. I am so pleased I have found your website. Only two weeks into BLW and was beating myself up for not being creative. This has given me loads of inspiration so thank you. The only downside is we might have a possible egg allergy so any tips on what I can replace egg with greatly appreciated!

  13. I wanted to say how much I love your website. I only discovered it two days ago and have already made 3 recipes. My 6 and a half month old devoured the pea fritters, smooshed the falafel and demolished the carrot and apple pancakes. My hubby loved the falafel and said it was the best he’s ever had. Your recipes have made me uptake BLW with gusto and has the whole family licking their lips! Also, I must say to take beautiful food photos.

  14. Thanks so much for so many fabulous ideas! Your blog has helped me make the leap from cooking separate meals for my finger food mad 11 month old, to making meals for the whole family. My husband is thrilled!

  15. Your blog and recipes are amazing. Today our 10 month old and both of us enjoyed your sweet corn fritters and the apple and cinnamon loaf! Can’t wait to try more!!!

  16. Please could you tell me know long the fritters can keep frozen in the freezer for? Ive made a big batch and now not sure how long we have to eat them! x x x

  17. These recipes are amazing, I have an independent 14 month old who is currently refusing to eat hot food! So the stress and frustration started kicking in, when I couldn’t get her to eat any fruit or veg, the only thing she will eat is bread or toast. So I made the fritters and muffins and have given them to her cold and she loves them. Phew……such a huge relief to see her eating them and the recipes made a big batch so I have loads in the freezer ready. Thank you for making life easier again and I love getting the emails with new recipes x

  18. I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog! My little guy is 9 months old and I am so excited to try out some of these recipes for him. Your photos are just gorgeous, I love the pics with the chubby baby hands in them, so cute! I will be bookmarking your site for sure, great stuff!

  19. Some lovely looking recipes which I can’t wait to try for my 6 month old and my 5 year old. Just one quick question though – what size muffin tons do you usually use? Are they cupcake sized muffin tons or mini muffin tin or something else? TIA :-D

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