IMPORTANT: Prior to beginning baby led weaning please consult your family health care practitioner/doctor to ensure this form of weaning is appropriate and safe for your child.

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  1. Hi I love the recipes on our site and want to try lots of them however I am not sure about how to measure the equivalent of cups? I think Australian cups are different to U.S cups ( I have a set of u.s. cups) so wondered if you can advise what cups would be in grams or if there’s a website that converts the ingredients? Wet and dry would be different I assume? Thanks in advance x

    • Hi Carol! Although US and Aus cups are different, the difference is only very very slight. Using your US cups would make no difference as the ratio of the recipe would remained unchanged. I hope this helps. Happy cooking :-)

  2. I’m having a hard time distinguishing the appropriate size pieces of food to give my 9 month old. One resource discussed cutting bits up, then posted rather large pieces of food being gobbled up such as whole broccoli florets and pear slices. Advice?

    • Hi! The best size/shape for your little one is chip shaped pieces of food. i.e. long and rectangle. This shape allows your little one to easily grip the piece of food with enough sticking out of their grip to nibble on with ease. The best texture is food that can be squished between your finger and thumb. At 9 months of age I would chop food into this shape for Grace and she loved it. I would cook fritters (pea, sweetcorn, carrot, sweet potato, carrot) and she loved them. I would simply chop the fritter in half and she found them really easy to eat. I would also make up vegetable chips using sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, asparagus, carrot, capsicum (basically anything I could cut into a chip shape). I would pop all of the vege onto a big roasting tray, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast for a good half hour or so, just until cooked and a little golden. I would also make frittata’s, vegetable slices and impossible pies that she loved. Also, at around 9 months your little one should be starting to refine his/her pincer grip which is basically their ability to pick small pieces of food up between their thumb and index finger. When your little one has mastered this grip he/she will be able to pick up and eat peas, corn, blueberries, raspberries, sultanas etc so when you feel he/she is ready you can start to offer these types/shapes of food. I hope this has helped and if you’re interested in checking out the recipes mentioned above simply visit my ‘recipes’ page. Good luck and please report back, I’d love to know how you go! X

  3. Hi, great site. Lots of recipes I am looking forward to trying out! My little one is 8 months tomorrow and we have been successfully BLW since she was 5.5 months. My question to you is about salad. I have given her quartered cherry tomatoes but found that I needed to remove the skin because she didn’t seem to know what to do with it! What is your experience? Also I see in the pictures salad leaves. How does your little one cope and at what age did you introduce them? Thanks. X

    • Hi! My little one often munches away happily on tomatoes (and later spits out the skins hehehe). Perhaps you could blanch and peel your tomatoes to help your little one along? We introduced salad leaves from about 7 months. In the beginning she really didn’t eat a lot but I thought hey why not get her used to seeing greenery on her tray (that way she’s no put off by texture/feel later on). Now she’ll happily munch away on a tomato basil salad. I hope this helps. Happy cooking! X

  4. When getting started do you keep the baby on the same food for the first three days to see possible allergies, or can you give them different things the next day?

    • I didn’t. I offered Grace different foods at each meal. I know sticking to the same food, 3 days in a row, makes it simpler to identify allergies but we have no family history of allergies and luckily Grace did not have any. However this is a decision you should make with the advice from your health care partitioner who knows your specific family history and circumstances. I hope this helps. Happy cooking x

  5. Hi! Can I just say THAAANK YOU for this website. It truly is amazing (& yummy!). Could you tell me if there is a way I can search your recipes? Ie I have some mangoes I’d like to use up, can I search ‘mangoes’ anywhere? Thank you xx

  6. Hi I love your site and my son loves everything I cook from it but I find it really hard to search for recipes just looking at pictures. Could u please change the way the recipes display so they show the name of the recipe and not just a photo? :-) thanku!! Keep posting more recipes please! :-) x

    • Hi! So happy you’re enjoying my blog. I’m going to update my recipes page over the weekend, I’ve had a few similar comments! I want to make it as easy as possible to search my recipes. Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment xx

  7. Hi, my baby is 9 months. he has been eating mushy food but is keen to feed himself. He has been enjoying finger foods, I made your baked meatballs last night. He liked them but only ate 1.5-2 meatballs. I’m interested to know how much your baby ate when 9 months old. I’m not sure if I should be encouraging my baby to eat more or if he’s eating enough???

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! My little ones ate quite a similar amount at that age! 1.5 to 2 meatballs is fantastic. Great job mama! Most health care professionals don’t really advise ‘set amounts’ of food to be consumed anymore. It’s more centered around a child eating according to their own appetite which I think is fantastic. Having ‘set amounts’ in mind can make some days feel like failures (especially when your little one is unwell or teething and they go off their food). Kids are great at following their own hunger instincts its just up to us to keep offering nutritious food until they want no more. I hope this helps! But please remember if you require any more in depth information please chat to your family Doctor. K xxx

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