lovely lemon loaf

lovely lemon loaflovely lemon loaf

Todays lovely lemon loaf really couldn’t be more simple.

It so simple that Miss G. and I managed to stir the batter together and have this heavenly loaf baking away in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

And the results though couldn’t be more sublime.

This gorgeously golden loaf is not only heady in lovely lemony scent but is chock full of wholesome, totally good for you ingredients; yoghurt, macadamia nut oil, agave syrup and wholemeal flour.

Along with a little fruit, this loaf makes the perfect baby led weaning morning or afternoon tea snack and is also the perfect addition to any lunch box.

To create this lovely lemon loaf simply…

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lime & coconut loaf

lime & coconut loaflime & coconut loaf

Grace is now officially 15 months old!


The days of constant napping, seemingly never-ending milk feeds, long sleepless nights and new born cries are long gone and I absolutely adore the lovely little adventures we now share.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss those precious newborn snuggles but watching your little one grow into a bright, bubbly and very inquisitive teeny tiny human being is just wonderful.  At times stressful, very stressful but mostly wonderful.

Lately, trips to the state library have become a lovely little weekly ritual of ours and we both cherish the day out.

Miss G.

Miss G. spends the morning painting, drawing, colouring, reading, singing, clapping and playing games with the other children.

There is always so much for her to do by the time we head home she is absolutely exhausted.

Miss G.

But just before she’s almost tuckered out Miss G. and I head to our favourite grassy spot next to the river to sit on our blanket and nibble on the goodies I’ve popped into the lunch box.

Today, along with fresh rockmelon slices and a yoghurt cup I added a couple of slices of this heavenly lime and coconut loaf.


Chock full of zesty fragrant lime and shredded coconut this loaf is divine and couldn’t be simpler to prepare.  This gorgeous batter takes no more than a few minutes to stir together and after a quick trip to the oven the gorgeously golden loaf emerges smelling of sweet summer lime and coconut goodness.

To create this heavenly lime and coconut studded loaf simply…

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festive zucchini choc brownies

festive zucchini choc browniesfestive zucchini choc brownies

I love to bake chocolate brownies.

Especially around the holidays.

This year, however, my brownie recipe has been given a fabulous wholesome make over in order to perfectly suit those lovely little hands it will surely find its way into.

This delicious recipe is wonderful not only because it contains vegetables but its free of butter, uses wholemeal flour and thanks to my new found friend agave syrup, is now sugar free.

And keeping with todays health conscious theme, today I opted to forgo the usual cup or so of chocolate chips I would normally stir through the batter and instead used a teeny tiny 40 gram bar of wonderful antioxidant rich dark chocolate to scatter over the top of the brownie.  The results are sublime!  The deep dark brownie is so amazingly rich that it really only needed the smallest hint of chocolate and because of the brownies decadence the tiniest square makes the perfect serve, so this festive treat goes very far!

Please allow me to talk a little about the zucchini.  I beg you not to be put off thinking the zucchini chocolate mix is some weird and wacky combination.  Its truly not.  The zucchini strewn throughout the batter is devoid of any flavour and is there only to add a gorgeous moistness to the brownie crumb.  It also adds to the depth of the brownie creating a gorgeous dense texture.

For a baby led weaning holiday treat these little zucchini choc brownie babies are perfection.

To create these festive zucchini choc brownies simply…

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