mango coconut scones

mango coconut sconesmango coconut scones

I was so happy to guest post on the gorgeous children’s clothing site Sapling Child last week.  I shared one of my all time favourite baby led weaning recipes, pea & ricotta fritters.  You can find the easy peasy and oh so delish recipe here.

Other than that my day have pretty much been a whole lot of this…

happy days

Just enjoying watching these two play.

Miss G. and I did however manage to bake a gorgeous batch of mango coconut scones yesterday and I am so thrilled to be sharing the recipe.  Not only are these little babies jam packed with mango and coconut goodness but they’re so so so simple to prepare and are unbelievably delicious.  With the help of the food processor I promise you can have these darlings baking away to golden perfection in the oven in less than ten minutes.

And these scones are not only the perfect shape and texture for baby led weaning beginners but are a wonderful addition to any toddlers lunch box.

Happy cooking x

To create your own batch of mango coconut scones simply…

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cranberry pecan oat bars

cranberry pecan oat barscranberry pecan oat bars

With a busier than usual weekend coming up, this morning we decided to get a little uncharacteristically organised and prepare a few lovely little snacks for the lunch box to keep us satisfied whilst on the road.

Along with an easy peasy batch of blueberry muffins and sweet corn fritters, Grace and I stirred together this gorgeously simple batch of cranberry pecan oat bars.

I love these cranberry pecan oat bars.  Not only are they sugar free and chock full of amazingly nutritious bananas, dates, oats, cranberries, coconut and pecans but they couldn’t be simpler to prepare thanks to the muscle of a food processor.  Miss G. and I were easily able to whip these bars up and have them baking away in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

And these gorgeously golden bars make the perfect baby led weaning snack.  They are firm enough to withstand tight little grips whilst soft enough for little mouths to nibble on with ease.  Grace had no trouble demolishing the chopped pecans strewn throughout the bars, however if you think your little one isn’t yet up to the task simply leave them out.

To create these gorgeous cranberry pecan oat bars simply…

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lime & coconut loaf

lime & coconut loaflime & coconut loaf

Grace is now officially 15 months old!


The days of constant napping, seemingly never-ending milk feeds, long sleepless nights and new born cries are long gone and I absolutely adore the lovely little adventures we now share.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss those precious newborn snuggles but watching your little one grow into a bright, bubbly and very inquisitive teeny tiny human being is just wonderful.  At times stressful, very stressful but mostly wonderful.

Lately, trips to the state library have become a lovely little weekly ritual of ours and we both cherish the day out.

Miss G.

Miss G. spends the morning painting, drawing, colouring, reading, singing, clapping and playing games with the other children.

There is always so much for her to do by the time we head home she is absolutely exhausted.

Miss G.

But just before she’s almost tuckered out Miss G. and I head to our favourite grassy spot next to the river to sit on our blanket and nibble on the goodies I’ve popped into the lunch box.

Today, along with fresh rockmelon slices and a yoghurt cup I added a couple of slices of this heavenly lime and coconut loaf.


Chock full of zesty fragrant lime and shredded coconut this loaf is divine and couldn’t be simpler to prepare.  This gorgeous batter takes no more than a few minutes to stir together and after a quick trip to the oven the gorgeously golden loaf emerges smelling of sweet summer lime and coconut goodness.

To create this heavenly lime and coconut studded loaf simply…

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fig & coconut muffins

fig & coconut muffins

fig & coconut muffins

We’re back after a heavenly family break and it feels wonderful to be back in the kitchen.

Over the holidays we found time to relax, visit the beach, play at the park, visit the museum and art gallery, nibble away on picnics that stretched long into the afternoon and soak in plenty of the gorgeous summertime sun.

We also managed to squeeze in a little fruit picking.


Perched by the trunk of a very old and unbelievably beautiful fig tree Miss G. was mezmerised and amazed as she watched Daddy climb branches in order to pluck the precious, just ripe delicacies from their home.

Grace adores figs so she could barely contain her excitement as Dad climbed down the tree carrying a basket full of fresh, fragrant and perfectly ripe figs.

miss g

Thanks to Daddy’s efforts Grace made herself comfortable, nestled into the grass and nibbled away on the lusciously sweet and delicate summertime fruit for the rest of the afternoon.

miss g

However, despite her (and daddy’s) very best efforts we did manage to return home with a week or two supply of glorious figs.

With the figs nestled in the refrigerator they inspired endless nibbles.

We whipped up fig smoothies for breakfast, wrapped them in prosciutto and enjoyed alongside our usual antipasto treats, we also put together the most gorgeous rocket salad spiked with fresh figs, ribbons of parmesan, roasted flaked almonds and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for supper one evening.  

The fig supply seemed to be never ending.

As the days passed and knowing how delicate these little babies are I was keen to get cooking to use up the last of our harvest.  After a little thought and craving something sweet I came up with these super simple, yet unbelievably delicious fig and coconut muffins.

The combination is gorgeous.  The plump pieces of sweet fig strewn throughout the batter work perfectly with the scent and flavour of coconut and teeny tiny hint of cinnamon.  And each fig gently pressed into the top of the muffins caramelise beautifully in the oven, intensifying their sweetness and flavour gorgeously.

Retrieving these glorious celebrations of fig from the oven I was so pleased not one fig went to waste.

miss g

To create this lovely little batch of fig and coconut spiked wholesome muffins simply…

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coconut peach pancakes

coconut peach pancakes

coconut peach pancakes

Miss G. is sick.


Poor bubba.

It’s nothing serious, just a few sad sniffles but its been enough to take the wind out of her sails and well and truly dampen her appetite.

In the hope of cheering my lovely little lady up and get her eating once again I decided to stir together a little happiness by way of pancake batter this morning.sick bubba x

To our usual beloved pancake batter I opted this time to take our pancakes on a tropical holiday with the help of a little coconut and gorgeously ripe and juicy peaches.

This combination is divine.

The peaches nestled in each pancake caramelise wonderfully once they hit the hot fry pan, intensifying their sweetness and the coconut strewn throughout the tender, moist, sweet crumbs echoes all of the deliciousness of a coconut macaroon.

Miss G. ate a whole pancake for breakfast along with a little banana and sultanas.

Feeling much better already.

To create your own gorgeously golden coconut peach pancakes simply…

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mango & coconut muffins

mango & coconut muffins

mango & coconut muffins

Oh I can not begin to tell you how utterly amazing it feels to be back in my kitchen cooking my simple recipes once again.

Last weeks layered white chocolate birthday cake fiasco left me reeling.

I won’t go into too much detail here (birthday post coming soon) but I will say there were tears, tantrums and meltdowns of epic proportions and I am not talking about Miss G. and her journey into toddlerhood.

Let’s just say I had quite obviously bitten off more than I could bake after being caught up in the sublime beauty that is pinterest.

I now have a new found respect for those seriously talented mummy’s (and daddy’s) out there who bake and create some seriously incredible birthday cakes with ease!

I clearly am not one of them.

And that’s ok.  I am more than happy to stick to my simple little recipes that are a joy to bake and a pleasure to eat.

Speaking of which today’s recipe is a beautiful batch of muffins chock full of gorgeously juicy fresh mango and coconut.

I adore mangoes.  Being Aussie I’m pretty sure the love of mango is coded into our DNA somehow.  That and our love affair with hot days, long summers, sandy beaches and cold beer.

For me, summer begins the moment I see mangoes adorning the shelves of the fruit market and although they’re usually ridiculously over priced I can’t help but pick up a couple.  Yesterday with the first mangoes of the season in my shopping bag I couldn’t wait to get home and prepare a little for Miss G. to see if indeed my DNA theory stood true.

And although I am very happy to report that yes the love affair with mangoes has percolated down the old DNA Miss G. did have a little trouble eating the slippery pieces of tropical fruit.   In an attempt to make the mango a little easier to handle I decided to stud a batch of muffins with the gorgeous flesh of a large perfectly ripe muffin.


Strewn through a wholemeal coconut muffin the mango was much easier for her little hands to hold and she scoffed down her muffin along with a little orange for morning tea.

To create your own batch of these mango and coconut studded muffins simply…

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lime, coconut & white chocolate muffins

lime, coconut & white chocolate muffins

lime, coconut & white chocolate muffins

Being a mum can be hard.

After a few nights of restless sleep, days filled with chasing a crawling bubby can be tiresome.

Most mornings we both look forward for our chance to get out of the house and head to the park to soak in a little goodness by the way of sunshine and the crisp morning air.

Walking through the tree lined park G. loves to stare at the passers by, children playing, birds and the dogs running through the grass.  And I relish the chance to just be, taking in the blissful moments of quite stillness.

Whilst cuddled snuggly in her pram it doesn’t take long for Miss G. to fall asleep for her morning nap and I take this opportunity to enjoy a much needed mummy moment and grab a coffee from our local cafe.

Yesterday, feeling the effects of another restless night and needing a little extra sustenance I decided on a muffin also.

Chock full of lime, coconut and white chocolate it was delicious.

The gorgeous tropical combination has been on my mind ever since so today I decided to whip up a batch of lime, coconut and white chocolate muffins.

To create a heavenly batch of lime, coconut and white chocolate muffins simply…

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