raspberry & pistachio loaf cake

raspberry & pistachio loaf cakeraspberry & pistachio loaf cake

I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I have the most wonderful excuse…

cutie pie

I’ve been busy baking this little cutie pie.

Although I did manage to post a few recipes during my pregnancy, constant morning sickness made cooking, photographing and writing about food pretty unbearable.

Now that I am feeling human once again, I am thrilled to be back in the kitchen alongside my lovely little helper to share more of our favourite baby led weaning recipes and today with our beautiful little man fast asleep Grace and I crept into the kitchen to put together this wonderful raspberry and pistachio loaf cake.

This pistachio flecked and raspberry studded gorgeously golden creation is delicious and thanks to the use of the food processor couldn’t be simpler to prepare. We had the cake nestled in the oven in less than ten minutes.  And Grace loved loved loved using the processor, anything with buttons!  If you do ever have trouble getting your little ones eating, my top tip is to get them involved in the cooking whenever possible.  Now that Grace is that little bit older she really loves spending time in the kitchen baking and preparing dinner most evenings.  And seeing her beam with pride when we sit down to eat is just lovely.   In fact her new favourite game is to name the ingredients as she quickly devours them and today was no exception.  As we sat down to morning tea with two slithers of loaf and a little fresh fruit, Miss G. recalled the ingredients giving her own unique pronunciation to most of them.

To create your own raspberry & pistachio loaf simply…

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lovely lemon loaf

lovely lemon loaflovely lemon loaf

Todays lovely lemon loaf really couldn’t be more simple.

It so simple that Miss G. and I managed to stir the batter together and have this heavenly loaf baking away in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

And the results though couldn’t be more sublime.

This gorgeously golden loaf is not only heady in lovely lemony scent but is chock full of wholesome, totally good for you ingredients; yoghurt, macadamia nut oil, agave syrup and wholemeal flour.

Along with a little fruit, this loaf makes the perfect baby led weaning morning or afternoon tea snack and is also the perfect addition to any lunch box.

To create this lovely lemon loaf simply…

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banana date loaf

banana date loafbanana date loaf

We’re definitely the kind of family that has to have a baked goodie of some kind perched on the kitchen bench each and every day.

For us, it just doesn’t feel like home without a fresh batch of muffins or fruit loaf nestled on the kitchen counter ready to be devoured.

Pre baby our baked goodies were more often than not based on the traditional concoction of sickening sugar, heart stopping butter and overrefined white flour.  Yuck.

However since beginning baby led weaning and wanting to feed Grace lovely little nutritious and delicious treats my baked goodies have been given quite the health conscious make over.  Butter has been replaced with healthier oils like coconut, macadamia or olive.  Sugar has been kicked out and replaced with naturally sweet fruit (banana is our favourite) or agave syrup and overrefined white flour has been replaced with almond meal, wholemeal or spelt flour.

And todays banana date loaf is the perfect example of my new baking style.  Both free of sugar and gluten this little darling is not only totally good for you but absolutely delicious.  This loaf is gorgeously sweet thanks to the banana and dates and heady in the scent of cinnamon and almond.  The almond meal also provides the loaf with the most wonderful moist texture.  Miss G. loved this loaf for morning tea alongside her usual yoghurt cup and raspberries.

To create this sugar-free and gluten-free gorgeously golden banana date loaf simply…

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lime & coconut loaf

lime & coconut loaflime & coconut loaf

Grace is now officially 15 months old!


The days of constant napping, seemingly never-ending milk feeds, long sleepless nights and new born cries are long gone and I absolutely adore the lovely little adventures we now share.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss those precious newborn snuggles but watching your little one grow into a bright, bubbly and very inquisitive teeny tiny human being is just wonderful.  At times stressful, very stressful but mostly wonderful.

Lately, trips to the state library have become a lovely little weekly ritual of ours and we both cherish the day out.

Miss G.

Miss G. spends the morning painting, drawing, colouring, reading, singing, clapping and playing games with the other children.

There is always so much for her to do by the time we head home she is absolutely exhausted.

Miss G.

But just before she’s almost tuckered out Miss G. and I head to our favourite grassy spot next to the river to sit on our blanket and nibble on the goodies I’ve popped into the lunch box.

Today, along with fresh rockmelon slices and a yoghurt cup I added a couple of slices of this heavenly lime and coconut loaf.


Chock full of zesty fragrant lime and shredded coconut this loaf is divine and couldn’t be simpler to prepare.  This gorgeous batter takes no more than a few minutes to stir together and after a quick trip to the oven the gorgeously golden loaf emerges smelling of sweet summer lime and coconut goodness.

To create this heavenly lime and coconut studded loaf simply…

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maple sweet potato loaf

maple sweet potato loafmaple sweet potato loaf

Poor little Miss G. had her 12 month vaccinations today.

Gosh it broke my heart.

Luckily for both of us the process is over as quickly as it begins and after a big cry we enjoy plenty of cuddles and both start to feel better once again.

Knowing that I could have a fussy little one on my hands this afternoon I decided to get up a little early and stir together this super simple sweet potato loaf spiked with maple, vanilla, orange and array of lovely festive spices.

Returning home from the Doctor it was a pleasure to walk into a house smelling of just baked christmas goodness.

Miss G. did quite well all considered and with a big smile sat down to enjoy her morning tea of fresh pear wedges and a little slice of sweet potato loaf.

To create this lovely maple sweet potato loaf simply…

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blueberry banana bread

blueberry banana bread

blueberry banana bread

Lately Miss G. has become more and more inquisitive in the kitchen.

Each time I pull out the mixing bowl she quickly scampers into the kitchen and uses the cupboard handles to pull herself up in order to peer up and take a peak at what’s happening on the kitchen bench.

Her excitement melts my heart.

With a gorgeous little helper by my side cooking seems fresh and new again.  I love showing her how to bake a cake, prepare a sandwich or cook a little pasta.  Watching her face light up with excited amazement as we stir together something delicious to eat is pure joy.

Today my lovely little helper assisted me to prepare a loaf of banana blueberry bread.

But I do have to admit most of her ‘assisting’ consisted of eating the majority of the blueberries, she loves them.  The few blueberries that were lucky enough to make it into the bowl bled beautifully turning the batter a gorgeous shade of rippled blue and Miss G. giggled as she watched the batter change shades.

In lieu of the missing blueberries I decided to add a little mashed banana to the batter as well.  The results were delicious.

For morning tea Miss G. and I sat on our regular balcony spot and enjoyed a couple of slithers of the blueberry banana bread.

Miss G.

To create your own loaf of blueberry banana bread simply…

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banana oat bread

banana oat bread

banana oat bread

Yesterday we were lucky enough to escape the city for the day.

After a quick breakfast of smashed avocado on toast we packed up the car with the usual necessities and headed out to my mother’s house for a much longed after catch up and cuddles.

I adore going home.  There is something so special about spending time in the house and town you grew up in.

photo (82)

After a day filled with much gossiping, cups of tea, delicious food and playtime in sunshine at the park we all too quickly had to leave and as we drove over the expressway entering the city I felt the pangs of missing home in the pit of my stomach.

Still feeling a tiny bit homesick this morning I decided to conjure up a little homely comfort by way of a freshly baked banana oat loaf.  There is nothing quite like a gorgeous loaf of banana bread baking and filling the house with the aromas of comfort and my childhood to ward off any feelings of uneasiness and longing and as I retrieved the golden loaf from the oven and inhaled the wonderful mixture of banana, cinnamon and brown sugar I was once again feeling the true loveliness of home.

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