raspberry & pistachio loaf cake

raspberry & pistachio loaf cakeraspberry & pistachio loaf cake

I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I have the most wonderful excuse…

cutie pie

I’ve been busy baking this little cutie pie.

Although I did manage to post a few recipes during my pregnancy, constant morning sickness made cooking, photographing and writing about food pretty unbearable.

Now that I am feeling human once again, I am thrilled to be back in the kitchen alongside my lovely little helper to share more of our favourite baby led weaning recipes and today with our beautiful little man fast asleep Grace and I crept into the kitchen to put together this wonderful raspberry and pistachio loaf cake.

This pistachio flecked and raspberry studded gorgeously golden creation is delicious and thanks to the use of the food processor couldn’t be simpler to prepare. We had the cake nestled in the oven in less than ten minutes.  And Grace loved loved loved using the processor, anything with buttons!  If you do ever have trouble getting your little ones eating, my top tip is to get them involved in the cooking whenever possible.  Now that Grace is that little bit older she really loves spending time in the kitchen baking and preparing dinner most evenings.  And seeing her beam with pride when we sit down to eat is just lovely.   In fact her new favourite game is to name the ingredients as she quickly devours them and today was no exception.  As we sat down to morning tea with two slithers of loaf and a little fresh fruit, Miss G. recalled the ingredients giving her own unique pronunciation to most of them.

To create your own raspberry & pistachio loaf simply…

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caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries

caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberriescaramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries

I adore everything about winter.

The cosy clothes, endless cups of hot tea and days spent with the slow cooker bubbling away in the kitchen are my idea of heaven.

The late winter sunrise also guarantees a greatly appreciated sleep in most mornings and when Miss G. finally stirs she is more than happy to huddle, snuggle and cuddle under the warm cosy covers until we finally pluck up enough courage to face the frosty morning together.

Most mornings we make our way straight to the kitchen to heat up our beloved oats with a little stewed apple but this morning I decided something a little extra special was required so we put together this super simple caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries.

Although I have a very special place in my heart for traditional pancakes, on a frosty winter morning when immediate warming nourishment is required I much prefer the fuss free nature of the Dutch pancake.  There is no standing over a fry pan endlessly flipping pancakes, simply pour the batter over a little caramelised fruit and pop into a piping hot oven.  Fifteen minutes later a perfectly puffed and gorgeously golden fruit studded pancake emerges ready to be devoured.

Todays incarnation of our fuss free pancake included caramelised banana and fresh strawberries and really was baby led weaning winter breakfast perfection.  The texture of the pancake is perfect for little hands to hold and nibble away on with ease and when served alongside fresh strawberries and a little yoghurt, this breakfast will have your little one satisfied all morning long.

To create this winter warming caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries simply…

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zucchini choc loaf

choc zucchini loaf

choc zucchini loaf

Miss G. is feeling much better.

Over the weekend her teething symptoms all but vanished and we were able to get in  plenty of giggles, play time and fun.

So with my bright, bubbly little bubby back in full force I pulled out this zucchini and choc loaf recipe I’ve been lusting after for quite some time and decided to have a little baking session with Grace this morning.

I have to say I absolutely adore this age.  Its seems Miss G. gets a little more cuter each and every day as well as more and more interested in the goings on around the house, particularly my cooking.

So with a cooking bench set up at the right height for her to stand at we got our bake on.

She watched and giggled as I cracked the eggs, chopped the chocolate and grated the zucchini and when I started to stir the dark, gleaming batter together she insisted on helping.  I have to say the cheeky grin of excitement she had as we popped the zucchini choc loaf into the oven completely melted my heart.

After a little nap Miss G. awoke to enjoy a small slice of the amazingly dark, rich zucchini studded loaf alongside a generous helping of her favourite strawberries.

To create your own gorgeously dark and chocolatey zucchini loaf simply…

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roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad

roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad

roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad

This weekend we’re heading down the coast for a day at the beach.




Ice blocks.



All the makings of a perfect weekend.

To have with us on our travels I decided to put together this little roast pumpkin and feta couscous salad.

So simple to make and chock full of fresh herbs this delicious couscous salad is the perfect lunch for a day at the beach.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

To create your own roast pumpkin & feta couscous salad simply…

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strawberry oat bread

strawberry oat bread

strawberry oat bread

Last week we baked a lovely banana oat bread.  It was delicious.  Grace really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the fact she was eating a healthy loaf chock full of banana, oats and yoghurt.

Ever since I have been racking my brain for a reason to bake another loaf and with a bench full of fresh strawberries teetering on the edge of over-ripeness I took that as a sign from the food gods this morning and pulled out my mixing bowl to stir together a lovely little strawberry oat loaf.

This recipe is as complicated as mixing dry ingredients into wet and can be easily stirred together and in the oven in less than ten minutes.  And once nestled in the oven the baking loaf fills the kitchen with the delicious fragrance of baked strawberries and cream.  Divine.

For morning tea Grace happily gobbled up a slice of the strawberry and oat studded loaf along with a yoghurt cup adorned with a fresh strawberry.

To create your own loaf of delicious strawberry oat bread simply…

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pesto pasta salad & lemon, thyme & honey chicken

lemon thyme & honey chicken

lemon thyme & honey chicken

Grace and I awoke this morning to discover the quintessential Brisbane winters day.   We jumped out of bed and were greeted with a sun drenched bright blue and gorgeously clear sky.  So to celebrate the stunning day and take full advantage of the  rays of sunshine Grace and I decided to head off to the park for a picnic.

After a little tinkering in the kitchen I put together this simple yet delicious pasta salad soaked in fragrant basil pesto and mixed together with a lovely helping of fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, bocconcini and shaved pecorino.  To go alongside the salad I decided to roast chicken drumsticks with a little lemon zest, thyme, olive oil and honey.   ***Note honey is NOT suitable for bubs under one year, however that doesn’t mean you have to miss out!  Just like I did simply leave a couple of drumsticks honey free and glaze the rest, I promise the rest of the family will LOVE LOVE LOVE the wonderfully golden, caramelised honey glazed chicken!

To make your own picnic feast simply…

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blueberry scones

blueberry sconesblueberry scones

This morning I awoke with a distinct urge to bake scones and not just any old scone but a batch of brilliantly bright blue blueberry scones.  I blindly followed my baking instinct and flicked on the oven.  As I started preparing the scones I wondered why I felt such a deep need to bake these beautiful blueberry scones and it wasn’t until I turned on the morning news that I realised just like the rest of the global population I too have been swept up in royal baby fever.  These blue stained english beauties are quite obviously my subconscious’s way of celebrating the very cute teeny tiny new prince of Cambridge.

Over the past few days I have to admit I have been pretty intent on not missing one detail about Kate, William and their new prince.  As a relatively new mama myself I know the kind of wonderful emotional roller coaster the lovely royal couple is surely journeying on, experiencing for the very first time the highs and lows of caring for a new life and relishing in the wonder and amazement of their newborn bundle of joy.  Its such a special moment in time.  Peering over at Grace sitting proudly in her high chair eagerly watching me rub together the butter and flour I simply can’t believe how quickly time passes, it wasn’t too long ago I too was bringing home my new born baby.

Just like any other scone recipe this one too is also very simple to prepare.  Simply rub the flour into the butter, add a little butter milk and egg, tumble in a few blueberries and bake.  Here are your step-by-step instructions…

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