wholemeal carrot muffins

wholemeal carrot muffinswholemeal carrot muffins

It’s no secret Miss G. loves to cook and now that she fully understands her little brother enjoys her culinary creations too, she adores her time in the kitchen that little bit more.

Today, with Mr H. happily playing away on his play mat my budding little chef and I decided to stir together a super simple batch of wholemeal carrot muffins.

These muffins are not only delicious (and full of nutritional goodness) but couldn’t be simpler to bake.  Simply whisk together the wet ingredients, stir through the dry ingredients then gently fold through a couple of cups of gorgeously bright shredded carrot.  Once nestled in the oven these orange hued little darlings take just over 10 minutes to bake to golden gorgeousness and smell amazing thanks to our spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger.

I also love the fact that we managed to make these muffins using no sugar.   Instead, the grated carrot adds most of the needed sweetness along with a little maple syrup.  Our gorgeous spice mix also did a lot to flavour the wholesome muffins.

Once baked and cooled, Mr H. was more than happy to tuck in.  Along with a few fresh strawberries the wholemeal carrot muffin quickly disappeared thanks to his very unique eating style.  I don’t quite remember Grace eating like this at his age but Mr H. loves to crumble the muffin and lick the crumbs off of his little hands.  It’s so cute to watch, the intense look on his face just melts my heart.

wholemeal carrot muffins

These muffins are also perfect to freeze.  Simply allow the muffins to cool to room temperature, wrap individual portions, pop into a freezer safe container and stash in the deep freeze for up to 3 months.  I often pop frozen muffins straight into our lunch box and by lunch time they are perfectly thawed and ready to enjoy.

To create your own batch of wholemeal carrot muffins simply…

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strawberry & mandarin muffins

strawberry & mandarin muffinsstrawberry & mandarin muffins

Mandarins this time of year are simply divine.

Full of juice, amazingly sweet and perfectly packaged these little babies make the ultimate on-the-go baby led weaning snack.

Lately, a day doesn’t go by without one of these bright orange autumnal fruits finding its way into our lunch box and ultimately Miss G’s. tummy.  She absolutely adores them.

So in celebration of our go-to fruit of the moment I conjured up this batch of wonderful wholemeal strawberry and mandarin muffins.

And I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised by the flavour combination. The strawberry and mandarin work beautifully together.  While the mandarin adds a delightful aromatic citrus zest and flavour to the muffins the strawberries provide natural sweetness which is needed due to the intentional lack of sugar in the recipe.

For a little extra goodness I also decided to replace the white refined flour with the more hearty, wholesome and nourishing wholemeal variety.

This particular muffin recipe makes 12 strawberry studded beauties and I am more the happy to say they freeze wonderfully.  Simply allow the muffins to cool completely, wrap individually, pop into a freezer bag or container and stash in the deep freeze for up to 3 months.  I often pop a muffin straight from the freezer into Grace’s lunch box and by lunch time the muffin is defrosted and ready to devour.

I know I’ve said it before but muffins, along with a little fresh fruit, really do make a wonderful baby led weaning breakfast or morning tea snack.  They’re the perfect shape for little hands to grip and nibble away on with ease and they’re gorgeously soft texture makes them an effortless snack from the very beginning of your baby led weaning journey.  In fact, if Grace has been fussy with teething and off her food I’ll often bake a quick batch of fruit filled muffins to induce her appetite once again.

To create these super simple strawberry mandarin muffins simply…

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lovely lemon loaf

lovely lemon loaflovely lemon loaf

Todays lovely lemon loaf really couldn’t be more simple.

It so simple that Miss G. and I managed to stir the batter together and have this heavenly loaf baking away in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

And the results though couldn’t be more sublime.

This gorgeously golden loaf is not only heady in lovely lemony scent but is chock full of wholesome, totally good for you ingredients; yoghurt, macadamia nut oil, agave syrup and wholemeal flour.

Along with a little fruit, this loaf makes the perfect baby led weaning morning or afternoon tea snack and is also the perfect addition to any lunch box.

To create this lovely lemon loaf simply…

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lime & coconut loaf

lime & coconut loaflime & coconut loaf

Grace is now officially 15 months old!


The days of constant napping, seemingly never-ending milk feeds, long sleepless nights and new born cries are long gone and I absolutely adore the lovely little adventures we now share.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss those precious newborn snuggles but watching your little one grow into a bright, bubbly and very inquisitive teeny tiny human being is just wonderful.  At times stressful, very stressful but mostly wonderful.

Lately, trips to the state library have become a lovely little weekly ritual of ours and we both cherish the day out.

Miss G.

Miss G. spends the morning painting, drawing, colouring, reading, singing, clapping and playing games with the other children.

There is always so much for her to do by the time we head home she is absolutely exhausted.

Miss G.

But just before she’s almost tuckered out Miss G. and I head to our favourite grassy spot next to the river to sit on our blanket and nibble on the goodies I’ve popped into the lunch box.

Today, along with fresh rockmelon slices and a yoghurt cup I added a couple of slices of this heavenly lime and coconut loaf.


Chock full of zesty fragrant lime and shredded coconut this loaf is divine and couldn’t be simpler to prepare.  This gorgeous batter takes no more than a few minutes to stir together and after a quick trip to the oven the gorgeously golden loaf emerges smelling of sweet summer lime and coconut goodness.

To create this heavenly lime and coconut studded loaf simply…

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gingerbread muffins

gingerbread muffinsgingerbread muffins

The expression says it all.

These little christmas inspired gingerbread babies are scrumptious.

As I mentioned earlier this week, leading up to the holidays, I will be bringing you a gorgeous collection of classic christmas recipes that have been tweaked, reworked and modified to be perfect festive baby led weaning meals, snacks and treats and todays recipe are these beautiful gingerbread muffins.

Gingerbread cookies are the quintessential festive treat but unfortunately for the little ones they’re chock full of sugar and pretty hard for tiny mouths to get around.  Not to mention quite fiddly to prepare. So not to miss out I decided to put all of the festive gingerbread cookie goodness into a batch of wholesome, sugar free, totally good for you muffins.

I started with my usual muffin batter of wholemeal flour, yoghurt, olive oil, eggs and vanilla and for a little sweetness added a generous drizzle of golden syrup and two grated fuji apples.  And to echo the heady warm depth and festive aromas of gingerbread cookies I added the amazing spice mix of a little ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and a pinch of cloves.

As these little darlings baked to golden perfection in the oven they filled the house with the aromas of christmas cheer.  They smell amazing!

Whilst taking a few snaps of the just baked muffins Miss G. edged her way through to sneak an early nibble.  Seems she just couldn’t wait.  And I understand why.  When we sat to enjoy our late breakfast of a fresh from the oven gingerbread muffin and wedges of rockmelon I couldn’t believe how fragrant, tender, soft and moist the gingerbread muffins were.  The apple not only seemed to add a gorgeous sweetness to the batter but kept the muffin moist and very tender.

I will be baking these gingerbread muffins again christmas morning.  They are the perfect light festive breakfast before the christmas lunch feast begins.

To bake a gorgeous batch of these amazingly fragrant gingerbread muffins simply…

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carrot cake scones

carrot cake scones

carrot cake scones

There are moments in the kitchen when you know you’re onto a winner.

Today I had such a moment thanks to these wonderful carrot cake scones.

The moment I tumbled the gorgeously orange carrot spiked dough onto our floured board and caught the aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and maple syrup I knew these little babies were going to be all kinds of amazing.

I got the idea to conjure up these little beauties after racking my brain for new breakfast on-the-go ideas for Miss G.

Lately she’s been a little fussy around breakfast time especially when we’re out and about so I wanted to create a 1simple, fuss -free, nutritious alternative to our usual toast or muffin.

And knowing scones always go down a treat I thought why not mix in a little carrot, sultanas, cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice and create a carrot cake scone.


And I have to say, when baked, these scones truly do echo all the deliciousness that is carrot cake.  They’re rich, amazingly fragrant and chock full of earthy sweet carrot and sultanas.

Along with a little diced mango and fresh raspberries Miss G. demolished her carrot cake scone with no worries at all.

To create your own batch of these carrot cake scones simply…

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