raspberry & pistachio loaf cake

raspberry & pistachio loaf cakeraspberry & pistachio loaf cake

I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I have the most wonderful excuse…

cutie pie

I’ve been busy baking this little cutie pie.

Although I did manage to post a few recipes during my pregnancy, constant morning sickness made cooking, photographing and writing about food pretty unbearable.

Now that I am feeling human once again, I am thrilled to be back in the kitchen alongside my lovely little helper to share more of our favourite baby led weaning recipes and today with our beautiful little man fast asleep Grace and I crept into the kitchen to put together this wonderful raspberry and pistachio loaf cake.

This pistachio flecked and raspberry studded gorgeously golden creation is delicious and thanks to the use of the food processor couldn’t be simpler to prepare. We had the cake nestled in the oven in less than ten minutes.  And Grace loved loved loved using the processor, anything with buttons!  If you do ever have trouble getting your little ones eating, my top tip is to get them involved in the cooking whenever possible.  Now that Grace is that little bit older she really loves spending time in the kitchen baking and preparing dinner most evenings.  And seeing her beam with pride when we sit down to eat is just lovely.   In fact her new favourite game is to name the ingredients as she quickly devours them and today was no exception.  As we sat down to morning tea with two slithers of loaf and a little fresh fruit, Miss G. recalled the ingredients giving her own unique pronunciation to most of them.

To create your own raspberry & pistachio loaf simply…

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caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries

caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberriescaramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries

I adore everything about winter.

The cosy clothes, endless cups of hot tea and days spent with the slow cooker bubbling away in the kitchen are my idea of heaven.

The late winter sunrise also guarantees a greatly appreciated sleep in most mornings and when Miss G. finally stirs she is more than happy to huddle, snuggle and cuddle under the warm cosy covers until we finally pluck up enough courage to face the frosty morning together.

Most mornings we make our way straight to the kitchen to heat up our beloved oats with a little stewed apple but this morning I decided something a little extra special was required so we put together this super simple caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries.

Although I have a very special place in my heart for traditional pancakes, on a frosty winter morning when immediate warming nourishment is required I much prefer the fuss free nature of the Dutch pancake.  There is no standing over a fry pan endlessly flipping pancakes, simply pour the batter over a little caramelised fruit and pop into a piping hot oven.  Fifteen minutes later a perfectly puffed and gorgeously golden fruit studded pancake emerges ready to be devoured.

Todays incarnation of our fuss free pancake included caramelised banana and fresh strawberries and really was baby led weaning winter breakfast perfection.  The texture of the pancake is perfect for little hands to hold and nibble away on with ease and when served alongside fresh strawberries and a little yoghurt, this breakfast will have your little one satisfied all morning long.

To create this winter warming caramelised banana dutch pancake with fresh strawberries simply…

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pistachio & cherry bundt cake

cherry pistachio bundt cake

cherry pistachio bundt cake

Our christmas baking is well and truly in full swing.

With little Miss G. by my side, we’ve been busy little kitchen bees baking all of our adored festive delights.

Amongst the mess we’ve managed to conjure up a gorgeous batch of deep dark intense christmas choc puddings, a tray or two of jewel adorned christmas cookies and of course a mega slab of marshmallow spiked rocky road.

Surrounded by a kitchen full of sugar laden, choc filled, once a year treats I decided we needed a little balance and opted to bake a more modest cake, filled with festive fruit and a little nourishing wholesome goodness.

The result was this christmas inspired pistachio and cherry cake and I just had to share it with you.

This little darling is just gorgeous.  The pistachio meal turns this cake the most gorgeous shade of festive green whilst giving the cake a dense, moist and tender crumb.  And thanks to the intense heat of the oven, the cherries studded throughout the batter caramelise to jammy perfection and create little pockets of sweet cherry jam throughout the cake.

You’ll also be happy to know that this baby led weaning friendly cake is sugar free thanks to the use of my newly found friend, agave syrup.  I used a mere half a cup of the amazingly sweet nectar in the batter because my cherries were already so wonderfully sweet.  I also made a few baby friendly, health conscious adjustments to the original recipe by using olive oil and yoghurt instead of butter and replacing refined flour with wholemeal.

To create a little opulence I decided to bake this little baby in a decorative bundt tin but a round or loaf cake tin would be fine also, and much less stressful.  If you do choose to travel down the more decorative tin route ensure that you generously grease the pan with either oil or butter, getting into every nook and cranny so that the baked cake will slide out with ease.

The only adornment this cake requires is the lightest dusting of icing sugar along with a small sprinkle of finely chopped pistachio nuts.

To create this cherry studded pistachio bundt cake of pure gorgeousness simply…

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blueberry breakfast muffins

blueberry breakfast muffins

blueberry breakfast muffins

Not a big fan of toast I have been experimenting with new recipes for Miss G’s breakfast.

And these beautiful blueberry and muesli studded breakfast muffins are my latest creation.

It’s no secret I am a big fan of muffins.

Who isn’t?

They are simple to prepare.

Cook quickly.

Make a great on-the-go snack.

Freeze fabulously.

And are wonderful way to get extra fruit and vegetables into the little ones.

I adore them and luckily Miss G. does too.

This morning I stirred together my usual yoghurt muffin batter however replaced the sugar with maple syrup, added a little cinnamon, a generous helping of beautiful bright blueberries along with a big handful of our favourite muesli.

The results were delicious.

The baked blueberries burst creating pools of jammy fruity goodness strewn throughout the muffins and the muesli created a gorgeous golden crust.

Breakfast perfection.

To create your own batch of these beautiful little blueberry breakfast muffins simply…

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blueberry banana bread

blueberry banana bread

blueberry banana bread

Lately Miss G. has become more and more inquisitive in the kitchen.

Each time I pull out the mixing bowl she quickly scampers into the kitchen and uses the cupboard handles to pull herself up in order to peer up and take a peak at what’s happening on the kitchen bench.

Her excitement melts my heart.

With a gorgeous little helper by my side cooking seems fresh and new again.  I love showing her how to bake a cake, prepare a sandwich or cook a little pasta.  Watching her face light up with excited amazement as we stir together something delicious to eat is pure joy.

Today my lovely little helper assisted me to prepare a loaf of banana blueberry bread.

But I do have to admit most of her ‘assisting’ consisted of eating the majority of the blueberries, she loves them.  The few blueberries that were lucky enough to make it into the bowl bled beautifully turning the batter a gorgeous shade of rippled blue and Miss G. giggled as she watched the batter change shades.

In lieu of the missing blueberries I decided to add a little mashed banana to the batter as well.  The results were delicious.

For morning tea Miss G. and I sat on our regular balcony spot and enjoyed a couple of slithers of the blueberry banana bread.

Miss G.

To create your own loaf of blueberry banana bread simply…

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zucchini fritters

photo (37)

zucchini fritters

To say we love fritters is quite the understatement.

Since beginning our baby led weaning journey I’ve conjured up batches of carrot fritters, sweet corn fritters, pea fritters & today I’m sharing with you a lovely batch of gorgeously green, zesty and golden zucchini fritters, our favourite thus far.

Whenever greeted with food type questions from mum’s & dad’s beginning their blw journey I always recommend fritters! To me fritters are the perfect food for delivering oodles of vegetables and goodness to our bubby’s in an easy to handle & delicious little package!

And once you’ve mastered the basic fritter recipe you’re free as a bird  to spice the fritters up with the flavour combinations you love.  Today I added a heap of fresh mint and lemon zest to our batch of zucchini fritters to give them a zesty light freshness and I also stirred through a little grated parmesan that melted to oozy perfection throughout the fritter.

When serving up lunch I decided to stir together a last minute accompaniment a mint and lemon yoghurt dressing.  The cool, refreshing, zesty dressing was perfect alongside the crispy golden fried fritters and Grace demolished her fritters and dressing along with a handful of rocket and cherry tomatoes.

To create your own batch of super easy and completely delicious zucchini fritters simply…

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banana oat bread

banana oat bread

banana oat bread

Yesterday we were lucky enough to escape the city for the day.

After a quick breakfast of smashed avocado on toast we packed up the car with the usual necessities and headed out to my mother’s house for a much longed after catch up and cuddles.

I adore going home.  There is something so special about spending time in the house and town you grew up in.

photo (82)

After a day filled with much gossiping, cups of tea, delicious food and playtime in sunshine at the park we all too quickly had to leave and as we drove over the expressway entering the city I felt the pangs of missing home in the pit of my stomach.

Still feeling a tiny bit homesick this morning I decided to conjure up a little homely comfort by way of a freshly baked banana oat loaf.  There is nothing quite like a gorgeous loaf of banana bread baking and filling the house with the aromas of comfort and my childhood to ward off any feelings of uneasiness and longing and as I retrieved the golden loaf from the oven and inhaled the wonderful mixture of banana, cinnamon and brown sugar I was once again feeling the true loveliness of home.

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